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Freebie Tips & Advice – How To Make Your Search for Freebies a Safe, Pleasant & Rewarding Experience

Everyone loves getting something for nothing. However, there’s a number of important things all Freebie Hunters must be aware of, to avoid nuisance calls and an overflowing email inbox.

The following tips are provided to help ensure your search for Freebies is a safe and pleasant experience.

If you use your main email address when you register for freebies, you will quickly find your email inbox bursting at the seams with unwanted junk mail.

This problem is easily solved by creating a secondary email address. You can quickly and easily set up a secondary email address for free in any number of places. A couple of the more popular places to set up a new email address are Gmail or Hotmail.

Our freebie tips & advice section will help you to avoid the pitfalls in your search for freebies.

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