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Sports & recreation doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun!How much are you willing to pay for fun and entertainment?

There’s nearly always an attitude that if you’re going to have fun, then you’ve got to spend money, and the more money you spend, the more fun you’ll have.

We would like to challenge that notion. We believe it is possible to have fun, lots of fun and lots of laughter, and still keep most of our money in the bank.

Knowing Where to Look for Sports & Recreation Ideas

Meaningful memories can be created at little or no cost if you just know where to look. There are tons of ways to have an enjoyable time without spending a lot of cash. Check resources like CraigsList, Local Newspapers, High School, Community College and University websites, Churches and community centers – the list goes on and on.

Here’s a some of the ideas that you and your family can do for little or no cost.

Try some of these inexpensive sports & recreation ideas in your area:

Free Winter Events

Ice Skating
Cross Country Skiing

Annual Sports & Recreational Events and Shows

Horse Show
Livestock show
Art Fairs

High school / College Sponsored Events

Drama productions
Sporting events

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