How to avoid only seeing the same 25 FaceBook friends and nobody else

Have you been wondering what FaceBook did to limit what posts come across your feed?

Here's what we know....

The following explains why you no longer see all the posts from your friends & pages you follow.... AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

Have you noticed that recently your News Feed has only been showing posts from the same small group of people and pages you follow? For most people, that's about 25, the same ones, repeatedly, over and over again! 

This is because facebook has introduced a new algorithm.

The FB system now chooses the people who get to read your posts, and what posts you see from other people and businesses! 

In order to change this, so you get to see all the posts you want to see, rather than what FB thinks you want to see, you need to either share the post, or comment on the post. The comment can be as breif as you like as it's the comment that counts, not the content!

As long as you comment, reasonably regularly, you will see the posts you want to see in your news feed, rather than the posts FB thinks you want to see!!

Finally, we are asking you for a favor:

IF YOU READ THIS MESSAGE, PLEASE SHARE IT, using the blue FB share button to the left.

Our goal is to let EVERYONE know how they can choose what they want to see in their news feed.

Otherwise Facebook chooses what you get to see, and we would like that to change!

Help us spread the word by sharing & sharing this thing until it goes viral.

Thank you!! 

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Choose what posts you want to see on your news feed, rather than what FB thinks you want to see. Here's How

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