5 Frugal Home Wall Paper Border Ideas

Posted 4 years ago

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Over the past 10 years wall paper borders have been growing in popularity with designers. A variety of fun, easy and eye catching creative applications has made wall paper borders move to the top of the list for frugal home interior design embellishments. In the past, wall paper borders were most often seen in a simple ceiling finishing line or a middle of the wall, chair rail type accent. Today, with the ever growing choice of size, color, texture, shape and sophisticated design elements, anyone can create star studded room finishes. And, with many wall paper borders now having self adhesive properties; needing to simply peel off a backing strip or adding water to release the adhesive, will make your project easier than ever. Choose one or more of these 5 frugal home wall paper border ideas to produce a one of a kind design scheme that you will be proud of. Frame 'Em - Apply a band of border around a door, wall or window frame. By doing this you are creating a focal point that highlights the unique features of the window, creates an inviting entry into the next room and provides an attractive wall statement. For example, this works especially well with a dormer window. By using a matching window treatment trim, curtain or blind with the border will provide a fantastic decorative touch. Other applications could include a wall paper border head board, framing a valuable art piece, mirror or chalk painted wall. Stack 'Em - Mix and match 2 or 3 different wall paper borders when framing out a wall, window or door. Place the chosen borders edge to edge (butting them together) , or leave a small even space between the 2 allowing the wall color to create another band of color around your wall application. Cut 'Em - Don't feel limited to the manufacturers presentation of the border. In most cases, edges that have been cut away or custom trimmed out of the straight edged packaging of the original border will serve your wall design better. By cutting away one side of the border to the design highlights the intricacies of the pattern and it will merge into the wall better. Though you can have this paper custom cut out, the frugal way is to find a nice pair of sharp scissors or craft knife and do it yourself. The best trimming borders are ones that are simple: Zigzags, scalloped garlands, leaves and bold flowers. Trim the top or bottom or both. Maybe that trim work will look better blending the ceiling to the wall with the cut edge at the top. Don't limit yourself to the predictable applications, be creative - experiment. Hang 'Em - Tradition says to hang borders horizontally. Try a vertical application. Hang border strips down the wall to break up the monotony of a painted or wall papered large surface. Be careful with this, you will need to use a plumb line to make sure your verticals are straight from floor to ceiling. Create 'Em - A paper border is not your only option! Though there is a seemingly infinite amount of wall paper borders to choose from, you can make your own from larger sheets of wall paper, home decor' fabric, fringe or ribbon. Pull in the re-covered chair with a matching border using the same fabric. Accent those window treatments with a framed wall using some portion of the curtains print. These 5 frugal home wall paper border ideas can bring in novel and decorative room finishing into any living space. For tons of money saving, frugally fabulous professional design tips and secrets - visit: Frugal Home Design which has been created to help the "frustrated interior decorator in each of us". Affordably fun information combined with your implementation will create the home you have always wanted.

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