7 Habits of the Most Successful Archers

Posted 4 years ago

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The first habit of a highly successful competitive archer is that she is ready for anything, including the unexpected. Surprises during competition can wreck your concentration, so you need to be prepared to deal with the unexpected in order to keep your focus at its highest level. You will want to have a mental stream of consciousness that you have created for yourself that automatically tells you what to conceive or imagine of. The second habit is the ability to just forget about past mistakes. All champions in all things, especially something as mental as archery, have this capability of forgetting about things they have done wrong before. They learn from their mistakes but they don't hold on to them. You need to think about and visualize making good shots, and they will come about. Visualize your next shot as hitting the mark. When this happens successfully, Feel good about yourself. You're allowed to be proud. The third habit is called "shooting your average". Don't try too hard to shoot better and don't go constantly trying out strange techniques. Just keep shooting your shots in your way. The fourth habit of a highly success archer is that he thinks positively about himself and his abilities. Think "I can do it" and visualize what a great shot looks like. Always stay focused, and if your mind begins to wander bring it back to your target and your visualizations. The fifth habit of a highly successful archer is loving the pressure of competition. Nervousness, pressure, and stress are all part of normal competition. Archers have a saying: "Shooting while nervous is like shooting in the rain." You are not alone in your jitters; your competitors feel them too. The pressure has actually heightened your awareness and made your physical reactions quicker. You have not prepared to fail, so why would you expect to? Stay focused and relaxed and have a good time. The sixth habit is that of having a mental programming that keeps your mind busy so that you don't have time to be distracted by wandering thoughts. Develop this to be in tandem with your techniques as you shoot. And the seventh habit is very simply discipline. You have to practice diligently and consistently. And during matches you need to discipline your mind to remain focused on your shots and nothing else. Gary Player once said "The more I practise the luckier I get". ANDY FLOWERS is an expert when it comes to ARCHERY SETS. To find out everything about bow and arrow sets.

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