All Natural Window Cleaning Tips

Posted 4 years ago

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Whether your windows are a bit older or if you have just installed new energy efficient replacement windows into your home, most homeowners want to ensure that their windows are kept as clean and clear as possible. Of course, this is no easy match for those who own pets, particularly ones with a lot of droll, and certainly clean homes are not easy with children around. While many pet owners and parents may think that the only way to accomplish clean windows is by using commercial cleaners, this simply isn't true; commercial cleaners more often than not have a lot of chemicals in them that aren't necessary to ensure clean glass. In fact, there are lots of natural ways to clean your windows that work very well, are good for the environment and are very inexpensive and easy to mix up. Below is simple recipe for an all-natural glass cleaning solution. This can be made from ingredients right in your home and requires very little time and fuss. All-Natural Glass Cleaner Vinegar Solution Ingredients Water White vinegar 1 quart spray bottle Instructions For Mixing The Cleaner Pour ¼ of a cup of white vinegar into your 1 quart spray bottle. Fill the spray the rest of the way up with water. Now that you have your solution made it is time to clean the windows. You may think that cleaning windows is a no brainer but there actually is a technique to it. Think paper towels are the best idea? Some argue otherwise. Following some easy steps will help to ensure that your windows are as clear and streak-free as they can be. First, take a clean towel and remove any large debris from the window tracks and off of the window. Next, liberally spray your window with the cleaner and using a clean cloth towel (not paper towels) clean your windows. Then take another clean, dry towel and go over your window again to polish it clean. And for the shiniest windows on the block, take the time to do one last step and take a crumpled newspaper and go over the window once again. Newspapers help to remove any streaks that could be left so that you are left with squeaky clean windows. If you are finding that your window cleaning is still not sprucing up the look of your home's windows, it may be time for replacement windows. Did you know that windows that are even just 10 years old could already be far less energy efficient than newer windows? If you think it's time for replacement windows, contact your local window company for an estimate of the products and services.
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