An Introduction to Exterior Painting

Posted 4 years ago

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Exterior painting is as important as interior painting. It will give your house a nice look and you can also use the project to change the appearance of your home. If the paint on the exteriors of your home is fading or peeling off then you will certainly want to apply a new coat of paint to make the house look more presentable. For your exterior painting project you must have all the necessary tools on hand. In addition, you have to take care of things like cleaning the walls and applying primer as well as using the right quality of paint. Each of these factors is very important and will help you do the paint work properly. Before doing anything else, you should also repair cracks in the walls. The first thing that you need to do before starting the exterior painting work is choose the right paint. You have to pick the paint that is of the right quality and it should also be of a suitable color. There are two options available to you in terms of paint and these include latex paint and oil-based paint. The former is water based and is ideal for exterior walls. The latter does not dry out completely and hence is not the best option for painting your walls. Once you have decided on the quality of paint you then need to figure out how much paint you need to get the job done. You can calculate this amount by figuring out the area of each wall. The next step is to clean the walls so that all debris and dust and grime is removed. You also need to remove the old paint. After cleaning the walls you have to caulk and mask the walls. The caulking will help you to fill joints and gaps in the wall and it also provides suitable insulation to the house. Caulking also provides protection against insects and dust. You should also, before doing the exterior painting work, repair all cracks with 1:3 cement mixed with sand. The next step involves applying the primer. The primer should be applied to after you are done with caulking your doors and walls and windows. The primer makes it possible for the paint to stick to the exteriors. Once the primer has been applied you should then apply the exterior paint. First, apply one coat of paint and then give enough time for it to dry. You may want to wait between six and eight hours before applying a subsequent coat.
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