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Posted 1 year ago

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[caption id="attachment_15605" align="alignright" width="300"]Artificial Flowers - Bouquet of 8 Heads of Peony Silk Flower $5 Bouquet of 8 Heads of Peony Silk Flowers $5[/caption] The wonderful thing about artificial flowers is they don't become old and smelly like real flowers do. While fresh flowers obviously add a wonderful smell and ambience to your home, fresh flowers come at quite a price. Quality artificial flowers cannot replace the smell, but they can replace the ambience. Advancements in technology has allowed manufacturers to recreate almost perfect artificial flowers, but in most cases, good quality silk & plastic flowers come at considerable cost. For example, if you shop at Hobby Lobby, you're likely to be looking at prices as high as $5 to $10 per stem. That makes it pretty expensive to create an arrangement! But if you shop around, it's possible to find some amazing deals that allow you to create absolutely beautiful arrangements for a surprisingly low cost. [caption id="attachment_15607" align="alignleft" width="300"]Artificial Flowers - 7 Heads Silk Bouquet of Roses $5.99 7 Heads Silk Bouquet of Roses $5.99[/caption] While many people rely on places like Amazon and Ebay to find affordable silk flowers, there are a number of other places you can go to find outstanding artificial flower deals. It's obviously nice to have fresh flowers on the mantel to show people how much you care, but sometimes many of us don't have the time to buy flowers, or even tend our gardens. So the next best thing is obviously artificial bouquets and arrangements. With peoples lives getting busier & busier, there is a growing demand for artificial flowers from people that don't have the time to buy and maintain fresh flowers. Putting in a lot of hours at work also takes away the time needed to adequately tend your garden; that is one of the main reasons demand for artificial flowers has grown. Artificial flowers can look just as good as fresh flowers, but without the maintenance, even better, they look good all the time because they don't wilt and die. Artificial flowers are most commonly made from silk because it gives them that smooth touch everyone likes to feel. But not all parts of an artificial flower can be made from silk. Take the stems for example, they are commonly made of plastic. [caption id="attachment_15609" align="alignright" width="300"]Artificial Flowers - Persian Leaves $2
Artificial Persian Leaves $2
[/caption] The only maintenance that artificial flowers require is a good dusting. There's no need to worry about insects or bugs, because they are not interested in anything other than the real thing! Artificial plants and flowers are also ideal for outdoor decor. They are perfect for patios, decks and porches, where they can be used in pots, hanging baskets and even on trellises. Again they are low maintenance, and best of all, they never need watering! The existence of artificial flowers, both indoors and outdoors, has gained widespread acceptability because few people can now tell the difference, unless they reach over to smell them of cause.. The low maintenance and the varied types and colors that can be purchased makes them a year round favorite in most households.

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