Basic Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Posted 4 years ago

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The kitchen is typically seen as the heart and hub of the home for any family, because it habitually becomes the activity center before the evening meal is made. However, with so much bustling energy and cooking-related activity, such an area can gradually become a hive for disorganization, messy and unnecessary clutter and, unfortunately, bacteria and unpleasant aromas over time as well. For those in need of a little assistance, here are a few basic cleaning tips and techniques that you can utilize in any kitchen. With much frustration, the majority of foodies and cooking experts have noticed how stainless steel utensils swiftly gather fingerprints and smudge marks within seconds of human contact. However, a useful trick to keep in mind is to lightly rub your stainless steel appliances with either olive oil or baby oil. A small amount of either oil dabbed onto a soft cloth will help to wipe away any bothersome marks, as well as helping to prevent new ones from permanently sticking. Because the majority of kitchens contain a microwave, people all over the globe will already be familiar with the mess, grime, odors and caked-on food that can eventually accumulate through habitual use. Cleaning crusty old food from the microwave's inner walls, ceiling and door can be both frustrating and time-consuming. However, give this quick trick a try: Place a damp rag (or sponge) in the microwave and heat it up for approximately four minutes. Let it sit inside for a minute or two, which will allow the steam to loosen up the dried food from the microwave's innards. Use the wet, warm rag/sponge to wipe away the amassed food stains. If you own a coffeemaker and are eternally glugging from its caffeine-filled carafe, the jug's glass insides will start to develop ugly brown blemishes, especially when left unemptied for long periods of time. A great go-to technique is to fill the empty pot with some ice, two tablespoons of salt, and two quarters of a small lemon. Swirl the concoction around the jug for roughly two minutes before emptying and rinse with water. Its insides should now be noticeably cleaner. Create a mixture of half a cup of baking soda with two gallons of water and use it to scrub tiled kitchen floors with a sponge or mop. On the other hand, if you have wooden floors in your kitchen, mix nine parts warm water with one part white vinegar. The resulting potion will make any wood floors look stunning. If your waste disposal unit is starting to expel a disagreeable stink, you can give it a disinfecting deep-clean by grinding up cubes of ice made from half water and half vinegar. You can also toss a few thick slices of lemon down there for a more effective clean. For those who have invested in an expensive stone countertop area in their kitchen and have become crestfallen to discover stains (typically coffee or fruit juice stains due to rushed breakfasts), a little hydrogen peroxide in water with a small number of drops of ammonia can be used to remove said discoloration. Furthermore, minor stone countertop scuffs and scratches can be buffed away with super-fine grade #0000 dry steel wool. Finally, for stubborn red wine stains, the first thing to do is to gently blot the afflicted carpet spot, taking care to suck up any excess liquid and not rubbing the stains further into the carpet. Blend equal parts hydrogen peroxide with dishwashing liquid detergent or liquid soap and pour onto the vino-infused area. Let it soak for a few minutes so that the mixture can penetrate the carpet's fibers before washing it all away.
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