Bathroom Cleanup In 8 Easy Steps

Posted 4 years ago

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Of all the places in our house, the place that gets the dirtiest the quickest is the bathroom. It is also the place I hate to clean the most. I am a busy working mother and with three boys (and a husband), the bathrooms really take a beating. Here are some tips to clean and organize your bathroom. 1. Kick everyone out of the house. Kids are not condusive to cleaning, so getting them physically out of the house is the first step. Make them play baskeball outside while you get to work. 2. Take down and launder all the linens. Towels, bath mats, shower curtains - get them all out of your way and into the washer. 3. Spray down the tub, toilet and shower and let them soak for a few minutes while you tackle the countertops. 4. Cean the shower head (occasionally). Simply remove the shower head, and place it into a mixture of vinegar and hot water. This will loosen the calcium and other materials clogging the mechanism and allow you to experience a full force flow once again. 5. Keep all of your bathroom cleaning equipment in a bucket. This includes a counter spray, a sponge, rubber gloves and extra bags for the waste paper baskets. 6. Save the quick vacuum and mop job for the end as all the debris that you are cleaning will fall onto the ground. 7. Reward yourself by taking a nice, luxurious bath with bubbles while everyone is out of the house - you have earned it! 8. Make sure you establish a cleaning schedule for the bathrooms. The more often you touch them up, the less work it will be. Keep a packaged of Clorox wipes under each sink so you can easily wipe down toilets and sinks as needed. Also, glass cleaner is good to keep handy for those quick clean ups. As a busy working mother with three boys and a husband in the house, the bathrooms are a mess all the time. They get filthy quickly and are the thing I dislike cleaning most, so they are always last on my list. With these quick and easy tips, you can stay on top of the bathroom cleaning and keep it from getting out of control. Trust me, get on a schedule for cleaning those bathrooms and make it a better, more pleaseant task. If you follow these tips, they can help you keep your bathrooms looking spectacular! To check out some great tools for cleaning the floor, check out the Miele S2121 Review or the Hoover UH70120 Review

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