Battle Of The Bags

Posted 4 years ago

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There is always a great debate and divide over whether you should buy leather or faux leather handbags. For the most part, the ladies who are the loyal, leather lovers generally turn their noses up at the mere idea of a non-leather bag and to be perfectly honest, in general I used to be one such lady. However, a few variables over the last year or so have begun to change that. So let's take a look at both sides of the argument. First of all we have the leather corner. There is undoubtedly nothing like the feel and smell of a leather handbag. Every one of you knows what I'm talking about...when you walk into a shop and you instantly get that waft of the leather and you just know that this is going to be a good shop. Or the moment you get to touch the handbag and you get that "oh my god, feel how soft this is" moment! The other point in favour of the leather handbag is that, in general, the more you use it and the more the leather softens through wear, the better it looks....if only everything had this same property! As if this wasn't enough, leather is extremely hard wearing, so if looked after properly it could last you a lifetime! (Well maybe not your whole lifetime if used everyday, but the whole "but it will last forever" argument definitely helps sell it to your other half!) So, let's now look at the non-leather, or faux leather, handbag side of the argument. Surely they can't possibly beat all these fabulous features of a leather bag? Can they? Well, they're going to give it a darn good try. Long gone are the days of faux leather meaning horrible, tacky, cheap looking "plastic" handbags. You now get amazing quality faux leather which, dare I say it, looks just like leather, and doesn't have that instant "PLASTIC" appearance. This is excellent, but why buy a bag that is trying to look and feel like leather when you could just buy one that is actually leather? Well, like everything in this world, it comes down to money. As leather is a natural hide it is more expensive than it's man-made, manufactured counterpart thus meaning an equally sized bag would cost less if it is faux instead of genuine leather. This means that you are able to buy a new "fashion handbag" that is in style this summer or in an adventurous colour without it costing you a large sum of money, so you therefore don't need to worry too much that it will most likely be a bag that you'll use a huge amount when it's in fashion and then possibly not at all after it has had its day (or few months!) This isn't to say you can't buy a classic style of handbag in faux leather, but the lower cost allows you to be more adventurous with styles and colours without a huge outlay. And let's face it, everyone from time to time wants to try something new, but not all of us have large amounts of expendable cash. So who wins then? Well in my opinion you can't beat a leather handbag. A leather bag is an investment that will last you for years and look great throughout, with the added bonus of feeling amazing as well. However, if you want to keep bang on trend with a budget then faux is the way to go! So, it depends on what you're wanting but there is a time and a place for both. Which do you prefer? We are a family run gift shop based on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. We pride ourselves in our excellent selection of both leather and non-leather handbags, our knowledge of our products and our customer service. If you can't make it over to see us, please visit our website and have a browse

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