Beware of Freebies That Look Too Good To Be True - They Probably Are!

Posted 4 years ago

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While there are tons of genuine freebies available across the Internet, there are just as many scams that are designed to get you to part with your personal information - so be careful!

If a Freebie looks too good to be true, it probably is, so don't waste your time chasing it!

We are talking about the kind of ads you see that reward you with a $250 gift card for undertaking a simple survey. If you get sucked into one of these types of offers, before you even get started on the survey, you will have to part with your name, address, telephone number and often, your date of birth too! Even if you are comfortable in parting with all this personal information, you will soon find that the survey asks health, insurance, education and other personally invasive questions. As soon as you respond to these questions, you are setting yourself up for being bombarded by "so called" diabetic and other health related clinics, further education services, insurance brokers and a whole myriad of other marketing companies. It's just not worth it! Worse still, many of these surveys go on and on and on.... you will find yourself dozens of pages into the survey with no end in site, an hour or more will have passed and you will throw your hands in the air in despair and click away. The end result will be you have wasted an hour or more of your time, given up a ton of personal information and have nothing to show for it! But the worst is still to come! Over the coming days & weeks you will receive a slew of marketing phone calls, letters and emails. They will all tell you the same thing - you requested further information and they are following up to answer your questions! The bottom line is it doesn't make a difference whether you requested further information or not, they will contact you anyway. As we said at the start, there are tons of genuine freebies available, freebies you can get with one or two clicks, so don't get sucked into a phishing scam, stick to "non-survey" genuine freebie offers.

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