Bladder Infection: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Posted 4 years ago

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When you have a problem with the urinary tract due to a bacterial infection, it is called cystitis or bladder infection. It is also referred to as UTI or urinary tract infection that takes root in the kidney, urethra or bladder. Cause of Bladder Infections When the germs or bacteria enter the body through the urethra and travel to the bladder, they are usually eliminated during urination. But when they attach themselves to the area and multiply, you have a problem. Women are most prone to this, primarily because the size of the urethra is shorter than the male. Moreover, since it is relatively closer to the rectal area, it is easier for the bacteria to cause damage. Symptoms and Diagnosis The symptoms commonly include bloody or cloudy urine with a foul smell, pain and a burning sensation while urinating, the need to urinate frequently even while the bladder is empty, itching, cramping and back pain along with fever. If the latter occurs, this could signal that the infection has taken root in the kidneys and you need to get yourself to the doctor right away. To diagnose bladder infection, a urine analysis is conducted to check the presence of bacteria, red and white blood cells and nitrites along with other chemicals if any. In addition to this, the doctor may order a urine culture test to figure out the type of bacteria that has nested in the area and suggest treatment accordingly. Once this is determined, a series of treatments will take place based on the age and underlying health condition of the patient. Treatment and Lifestyle Changes Prescriptive antibiotic medication that kills the bacteria and relieves the pain and burning sensation while urinating is the best treatment plan. Usually the person is relieved of her suffering after a day or two of the treatment. If this has spread to the kidneys, it can take a longer time, but one will still be on the mend in just a few days. One should remember that drinking water is of prime importance to treat the illness and in general. Most people today do not have the time or even make the time to drink eight glasses of water a day because of xyz reasons. Invariably they end up with problems. In addition, while treatment does work, anyone who is older, has a urinary catheter, has an incontinent bowel problem, is pregnant, diabetic, has an enlarged prostate, is immobile, etc. must try to ensure that he or she drinks enough water and empties the bladder as often as possible. If a person is prone to the illness it is time for some lifestyle changes along with prophylactic treatments as prescribed by the doctor. Medication does work, but in the long run, one has to make sure that one does his or her bit along the way instead of running to the doctor for a couple of pills or popping them just because they have been prescribed. ---------------------------------------------------- Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women's Center in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women.

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