Blood Stain Removal - How to Remove Blood Stains

Posted 4 years ago

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Blood stain removal is a situation that many house keepers have stressed and worried about. However, the good news is that blood stains can be removed fairly easily when done correctly. The keys to successful stain removal are the two "S's'', speed and strategy. Combined, they allow you to assess the problem, and come to a solution. The most frequent problem with blood stain removal is that often the area has been left for days, weeks, months, or even in some cases years. When the blood has been allowed to set for this long, the difficulty in cleaning it grows drastically. The reason for this is that the dried blood becomes fixated to the fibers of the clothing, carpet, or furniture. When this has happened, it is like trying to remove the color of fabric by rubbing it. In other words, it is extremely difficult to remove! So do yourself a favor and when your child comes to you bleeding, scan the area for drips so that you can blot them immediately! It may save your carpet! This is why the first "S" is speed. Address the area right away! A frequent question is, how, and with what tools, do I attempt the stain removal? Are there certain cleaning substances that work better than others? Are there techniques that should be avoided? Is it possible I can make the problem worse by doing it wrong? The answer to all these questions is an emphatic YES! There are cleaners that experts recommend, so there's no need to have to find your own. There IS a set technique, but it is also simple, so save yourself the time and use it. And finally, you certainly can make the problem worse. When done incorrectly, you can permanently stain your carpet, or spread the stain on your shirt, or ruin the furniture. So do yourself a favor, and do a little research. Popular substances for blood stain removal are hydrogen peroxide and laundry detergent. Other less common substances are windex, salt water, unseasoned meat tenderizer, baking soda, vinegar, lemons, borax, and corn starch. Please note, that all of these methods are done at your own risk, specifically the less common methods. While Hydrogen Peroxide and Laundry Detergent shouldn't harm your material, some of the less common substances will, so make sure to figure out how leather, plastic, cotton... react to these substances before use. Include in your research not only surface defacing, but the potentials on color change. Blood stain removal is not a guaranteed success. The age and depth of the stain, and the material and color of the furniture all are factors in whether the method will work. But what is guaranteed, is that when done correctly, the situation will not worsen.
Blood Stain Removal can be done many different ways, but must be done correctly! Find step by step instructions on How to Remove Blood Stains, so that you can fix the problem today.

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