Clean Air Means Less House Cleaning and Dusting? Yep, Sure Does!

Posted 4 years ago

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Does it seem like you're cleaning all the time? And every time you turn around, there's another layer of dust on that piece of furniture? Time for carpet cleaning...again?! Does house cleaning ever end??!! Let's face it. Very few of us have time to constantly clean and dust. We're just too busy! Plus, in this economy, most of us don't have the extra money for house cleaning services, either! Where does this dust and dirt come from anyway? Well, it's a combination of stuff we track in from outside, the dust from your ducts / air conditioner vents, and tiny particles that are released when our hands and feet rub across furniture, bedding, carpets, etc. The air that's moving inside the room picks up the particles and those particles settle on everything, and there you go-more dusting and cleaning to do. Ugh. You mean having clean air can really help us keep up with our fast-paced lives, reduce house cleaning time and the cost of cleaning supplies? Absolutely. It just makes sense. If you can remove the particles from the air, then there will be less to settle and accumulate-in the corners, and in our noses! And you'll get the added benefit of feeling better, with less sneezing and coughing, or even asthma attacks. Don't forget, dust is very dirty stuff, composed of dirt, dead skin cells, dust mite/insect parts, pet dander, bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold spores and more. In a month or so, you'll be happy to notice that you just aren't buying as much cleaning supplies, cleaning services, Swiffer duster refills, carpet cleaning--and probably less allergy medications! So how do we do clean up the air? All you need is a 1) a good allergy rated filter in your home a/c system, 1500 rating or higher, and 2) get a quality air purifier that can handle the amount of air in your home or room, and has a true HEPA filter, which will remove 99.97% or higher of the particles floating around. Be sure to change the air filter in your home at least every 3 months, and the HEPA filter in your air purifier as indicated by the manufacturer. And the air purifier will actually extend the life of the home air filter, too, so that's another cost reduction! One very good air purifier we found that is very good for getting rid of dust is the Blueair 403 This unit features durable steel construction, a powerful HEPA filter that removes up to 99.99% of particles, healthy negative ions to further purify the air, and an available lifetime warranty. This will handle rooms 375 square feet and smaller. For larger spaces, up to 1500 square feet, the Aller Air 5000 Exec works very well.This air purifier features a true HEPA filter, a pre-filter, and a full 18 pounds of activated carbon to remove chemical vapors and odors-vapors and odors that cause allergy attacks, headaches, and more! Got headaches that you can't put your finger on? It really could be in the air! Both of these air purifiers will definitely reduce the need for house cleaning and dusting, and leave you more time for the important things like family and fun times. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-701-2513. The expert staff at Air Purifiers and is standing by to help.
About The Author: Rex Murphy is an avid health enthusiast, former martial arts instructor, and owner of Air Purifiers and Rex is also a musician, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Med Studies/Psychology, as well as many years of study in natural healing methods. Like us on Facebook for a $10 coupon! (look up Air Purifiers and Cleaners) We have an expert staff--call us toll-free with any questions. We are here to help! 1-800-701-2513

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