Cleaning a Kitchen Thoroughly and Effectively

Posted 4 years ago

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It is estimated that approximately 10 million cases a year are reported in the UK for food poisoning. Around 80% of the cases are bacteria and virus related stemming from pets, people, raw foods, and water. It should be noted that small exposures to these bacteria and virus' can be handled by our body's immune system. It's only when there is a great volume of bacteria and viruses that they become harmful. This is all the result from improper food handling, storage, cleaning or lack of, and poor hygienic upkeep in such a vital area as the kitchen. It should be obvious why maintaining and keeping the kitchen clean is so important. Tools Gathering and having all tools and cleaning products ready is our first step when cleaning the kitchen. Having our supplies already prepared in a carry-all bin will help make our job much faster and save us the time from searching the house for them. The goal is to get in and out while still achieving a thorough clean. Strategy To increase productivity and fastness form a cleaning strategy. Choose which areas you will start from and try not to backtrack or have to clean anything twice. I work my way around the kitchen counter clockwise, cleaning everything completely before moving to the next area. As long as you don't backtrack you will be able to finish in half the time. Cupboards Cupboards are normally the first area I start from. Cleaning cupboards is pretty easy as long as you work your way from top to bottom. All purpose cleaners generally do a good job with cupboards and any sticky areas or dust you may have in there. The actual doors on the cupboards can sometimes accumulate dust and dirt in the little groovings so you may want to periodically wipe this area down with an all purpose cleaner and cleaning cloth. Counter-Tops When it comes to counter-tops, there are many products available to you to use. The problem is, not all counter-tops can use the same cleaners, and some may get damaged by using to abrasive of a cleaner. It's recommended to first check with manufacturer recommendations on what products you can use. Generally an all-purpose cleaner will do just as good a job as a specialty cleaner and it's one I often use myself. For tougher stains on counter tops a light abrasive scrubber should be used with the appropriate cleaner. Sink The sink will often require at least two different cleaning products; An all purpose cleaner for wiping down faucets, and water release handles and a powdered cleaner for scrubbing down the sink. Always start at the rim of the sink, then move onto the faucets, and then down into the actual sink itself. As with most areas we always want to work from top to bottom. It's a simple strategic method of cleaning to ensure we never back track or get lost in our cleaning. Certain areas of the sink you may not be able to get, like the little creases around the drain. And even sometimes around the faucet base. For these areas I recommend using an old tooth brush to scrub out the grime that may be hiding in those crevices. When you finish cleaning the sink always make sure to wash it out with warm water. Refrigerator As with the rest of the kitchen appliances always start from top to bottom with the refrigerator. Dust will often accumulate on the top of the refrigerator, so make sure to dust this area thoroughly. After the top has been dusted apply an all purpose cleaner to a soft cleaning cloth and work your way around and down the exterior of the refrigerator. For stainless steel refrigerators an all purpose cleaner can also be used. The interior of the refrigerator should also be periodically wiped down with a cloth saturated lightly with white distilled vinegar to prevent mildew buildup. Stove Cleaning the stove can often be a daunting cleaning task but it's not extremely hard. An all purpose cleaner will generally work for the stove, removing any stains it may have accumulated over time. Wipe down the exterior with an all purpose cleaner working your way from the back to the front. Remove one side of the grills and place them on top of the other side. Remove any excess debris that might be hanging around and then scrub the burner area with an all purpose cleaner. Sometimes there may be harder stains or burned on food that will require a slightly heavier cleaner. Apply a very small amount of your powdered cleaner to this area and scrub lightly with an abrasive sponge. Make sure to clean both sides of the grills before moving on to the burner control knobs. The area around the burner controls should be wiped down thoroughly with an all purpose cleaner. Next you want to remove the knobs by pulling them straight off. Clean the area behind the knobs and replace them back in the order you pulled them off. The last area that needs cleaning is the front window. Wipe this down with a glass cleaner of your choice and also be sure to clean the interior of the window as well. Floor The last area when cleaning the kitchen, if working from top to bottom will be the floor. Before mopping your floor it's recommended to do a thorough sweep of the area to remove excess debris that might be hanging around. After sweeping, for a thorough clean of your flooring it's good to give it a good scrub down with a mop or sponge mop. Depending on your type of flooring if you have either wood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, or tile there are specialty cleaners that you can use to prevent any damage to your flooring. Once you have your cleaner go ahead and scrub down your flooring working your way from the farthest corner of the room towards the exit. Often times people will get themselves trapped in a corner and will have to re-clean areas they've already cleaned. Working your way from the end to the beginning will help to ensure this doesn't happen.
Debra Marks is a House Cleaning enthusiast and author. For more great information on cleaning kitchen tips [], you can visit [] a website dedicated to providing quality information on house cleaning.

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