Cleaning Tips For Honeycomb Or Cellular Blinds

Posted 4 years ago

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Most households nowadays make use of blinds as an effective shade from the light outdoors and also as a privacy feature. Worth mentioning as well is that they also have the ability to enhance the interior design of the house. There are so many blind designs to choose from, all offering the same level of protection from the intense brightness from the sun, as well as privacy, but some of the popular ones are honeycomb and cellular blinds. These blinds offer more dimension compared to the other designs out there and many like them for their delightfully rustic charm. Some claim, however, that these honeycomb blinds remind them of the Japanese art of folding paper called "origami" which is a greatly popular feature of many modern interior designs. The problem that most people have with blinds, especially cellular ones, is that they find it hard to properly clean them, but once they learn the basics of cleaning this type of blinds, the routine can actually be very simple to do. Say the blinds are not really that dirty, but have mould spots or splattered stains, you can easily spot clean them. For moulds, it's best to use a chlorine solution that you can get in your local supermarket or just mix one part water and one part bleach. Mould is not that easy to eliminate however so you would need to spray the solution and wipe regularly. Now for splattered stains, a typical cleaning agent would work; treat the stained area gently so as not to deform the blinds. For everyday cleaning, all you really need to do is get rid of dust; you can do this with a feather duster, though it would be nicer to use those static dusters that actually attract dust. Now, if you want a more thorough way of getting rid of dust, use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and even insects away from the blinds. Some use compressed air to blow dust away but that's just going to scatter the dirt, so it's better to just use a vacuum cleaner. If you want a completely thorough cleaning method that will not just rid the blinds of dirt but also the musty smell naturally produced over time, do the bathtub cleaning method. Take it down and soak in a mixture of water and mild detergent; move the water around the shades but avoid getting the head rail or valance wet because that can compromise the form of the blinds. Afterwards, rinse with clean water. To get rid of excess water, raise the shade fully then tip to one side so excess water could slide off; you can then install it back and let all the remaining wetness evaporate. Your cellular shades will look clean and smell clean afterwards. Cellular blinds and other types of blinds can greatly affect the whole house design. And aside from the charming effect, it also protects your family from dusts and other elements.

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