Comfort Bedding Battle Pits Egyptian Cotton Versus Bamboo Sheets

Posted 4 years ago

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If you're in the market for new, super soft bedding, you've likely considered Egyptian cotton. Known for its tremendous softness and durability, this bedding is one of the best choices for those looking for a luxurious sleep. But a new battle for comfortable bedding supremacy has recently been waged pitting Egyptian cotton against the new bamboo bedding options available on the market. We're here to help you decide which bedding reigns supreme. As the traditional go-to luxury bedding fabric of choice, Egyptian cotton has a reputation to uphold. It is an extremely comfortable material for use in the making of sheets and bed linens. It is incredibly comfortable, due largely to the high thread count and the softness of cotton fibers. And cotton is a natural fiber which makes it preferable to synthetics like polyester, nylon and acrylic. Cotton is naturally resilient and gentle to the skin. But bamboo bedding comes with a whole host of benefits that are hard to ignore. First, bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and can be processed to create extremely soft bedding. They are also incredibly breathable and moisture-absorbing, which makes them ideal for humid, warm environments. They wick moisture away from your skin as you sleep which helps to regulate your temperature so that you rest soundly. Not only are bamboo sheets very soft and luxurious for sleeping in, they're also supremely sustainable. Bamboo is a rapidly-renewable fiber that grows incredibly fast, and creates much more fiber per acre of land used when compared to cotton. Plus, bamboo does not have to be grown using pesticides and other agricultural chemicals. Cotton, on the other hand, is the most pesticide-intensive crop on the planet, making it incredibly toxic for the environment and for those sleeping in the finished cotton sheets. So what option should you choose? Certainly the feel of the fabric should be one of the most important factors when selecting bedding for your home. Go to a linens store and touch them both to determine which feels better for your particular skin. You'll likely find them incredibly similar to the touch, making bamboo sheets the best choice if you're seeking out greener bedding. Regardless of which option you choose, look for organic fibers in both bamboo sheets and those made from Egyptian cotton to avoid the agricultural chemicals used to grow the fibers. But you may not have to choose! Manufacturers are now creating blends of Egyptian cotton and bamboo fibers to create organic bedding that's the best of all worlds. This cotton-bamboo blend technique results in bedding that is both breathable and moisture-tolerant, but also soft and extremely comfortable. And since bamboo and organic cotton are both preferable to conventional cotton (Egyptian or otherwise), you can rest assured that your purchasing choice is good for the environment, too. So why choose when you can have your sleep and rest easy, too? Fashion & Earth provides organic clothes, organic mattress brands and more at affordable prices. With their hassle free return policy and, popular Rewards Program you really have nothing to lose! Experience the feeling of wearing (and sleeping) organic bedding and clothing.

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