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Based on serving people's own individual  self-interest, we are building an army of volunteer content contributors. Most authors, website owners and bloggers are thrilled at our proposal as the traffic and exposure they will receive is greater than what they can do on their own. This is the power of guest content contributors and it is now becoming a common best practice for website owners and bloggers. Kwikfreebies is a community portal that provides content contributors with a number of advantages and opportunities for their businesses. If you are a small business owner, website owner or a blogger, you will probably find what we have to offer can provide your business with great benefits. Better still, it won't cost you a dime!

Community Website

We have created a community website where our authors and readers can share money saving tips with each other. The site also includes a sizable "Freebies" section that is designed to drive additional traffic. At present we are looking for content contributors in the following categories: Auto, Clothing, Gardening, Health & Beauty, Holidays/Vacations, Home/Household, Money, Personal Accessories, Pest Control, Pets, Shopping, Sports & Recreation and Travel & Fun. If you feel you have the expertise to contribute in an additional category please let us know by completing the form below.

How it Works

As a website/blog owner you are no doubt already writing lots of content for your site. You can simply post your existing articles, and/or your new articles to KwikFreebies. Posting is very easy. Simply register via the Login button and once registered, you can post by using the "+" button in the navigation bar. Our system is designed to pull in your your page title and image automatically; all you need to do is enter the page URL. We do however recommend that you check how much of the description is pulled in. If it is insufficient to give readers a good understanding of the article, you should copy & paste more text in from your website.

The Theme

The theme of KwikFreebies is free money saving tips. Therefore the content you post, where possible, should have a theme of how people can save money in your area of expertise. Obviously, people are interested in all sorts of tips and tricks, so as long as your articles are informative and interesting, they should do well.

The Benefits

As everything you post is directly linked back to your own site from the title, the obvious benefit is additional exposure for your own site. As a content contributor, if your articles are well written and provide readers with valuable information, your name will become synonymous for providing excellent information on your area of expertise. If you have a YouTube channel and are struggling to get viewers, you can post a link to it. We will use the best written and most informative article in a targeted advertising campaign on a monthly basis. If your article is chosen it will lead to a significant increase in traffic to your site. If readers find your posts to be valuable, they will share them on social media, ultimately leading to even more exposure for you and your site. You can quickly see what other authors in your field are posting. Reading and commenting on posts from other experts is a great way of  helping to come up with new ideas for your own site's content.


After you make posts to KwikFreebies we recommend sharing them to your own followers on social media. The benefit of doing so is: By recommending to all authors that they share their own posts, we will be increasing the overall audience. This in turn means that more people with an interest in your specific field will be seeing your articles. If they like what they see, they will quickly come to your own site for a snoop, and assuming all is good, you will acquire a new reader/customer yourself. This will only work well if ALL content contributors share their articles with their own followers. So please, please, follow our recommendation and share your work. If you do, you will be serving your own self interest as well as creating an environment in which our community will thrive and everyone will benefit.

Looking to the Future

Our goal is to build a world-class content marketing hub with your help. So we hope we have tapped into your emotions and your own dreams of reaching new and bigger audiences. In the future we hope to syndicate existing blogs through an RSS feed to save our authors time and effort. We would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this. Is it something that would work for you? Is it something you would allow us to do? Please give us your thoughts in the box below.


If you are interested in freebies you may want to follow us on Social Media or YouTube. We frequently have worthwhile free stuff that we post daily. We ourselves think the most valuable freebies are the free subscriptions to magazines, which we offer on a regular basis. Thanks for your time & good luck with your business  

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