Deal With Mice Using Glue Traps

Posted 4 years ago

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It is kind of hard not to cringe when you hear the word "mouse" or "rat" uttered in a sentence. They are filthy creatures who urinate and defecate in random spots of your home or apartment after they have just munched on some of your food. And once they have taken a bite of your food, you do not really have any other choice but to throw it away, regardless of how much has been left over previously. The reason for this is that the mouse or mice that have eaten your food and made a mess of things have contaminated it. Much like you have to throw away any food that even has the slightest amount of mold on food, you have to do the same with any food that mice have gotten their hands on. You just do not know how much of the food they actually ate and what they did to get to the food source. The same can be said for any water source left out nearby; much like other animals, mice and other rodents require water to live so you have to throw that away as well. Not to mention, you need to clean the area of food and any waste the mice leave behind. A lot of work, huh? Thankfully, glue traps for mice are available to help you deal with this mess. Mouse glue traps differ from traditional mouse traps in that it requires very little effort to set it up. While a typical mechanical mouse trap requires you to set it up properly, which can pose a risk even to the one who is using it, you basically have to just pull the glue trap out of the box and remove any protective wrapping and then place it where you believe mice are crawling around. The sticky substance used to catch mice works on its own. That said, the most effective way to use a glue trap is to leave it unset in the area for a week or so. This allows the rodents to get used to the trap and become lulled with a false sense of security. And once that is done you can set it and bam! You will be catching mice in no time at all. Catching mice is not easy but glue traps for mice changes that. Once a mouse has been caught there is no way for it to escape. Give it some time and you can then dispose of both the trap and rodent. Catchmaster has the best mouse traps to eradicate rodents. Living with rodents is unsanitary and unhealthy so with Catchmaster you can choose humane mouse traps or sticky mouse traps to rid them from your home.

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