Decorating With Wall Art the Frugal Way

Posted 4 years ago

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So, you have just finished a room decorating project. The furniture is in place. The window treatments are perfect. Yet, the room is missing one last important piece - Wall Art - to accent those vertical spaces. Using wall art, is not only a way to fill in those empty spaces but more importantly, it's your signature in the room. Furniture is nice, floors and architectural features might reflect your sense of aesthetics, but when it comes to decorating with wall art - there is just no doubt about the influence you have on your living space. The most frugal way of finding and then framing your perfect wall art is to shop on line. Shopping on line is the better choice when looking for that perfect accent piece - for 3 simple reasons. First, no matter what you may be looking for, be it a period piece, a modern abstract, a print or photo you will be able to find them on one site. By shopping on line you get the convenience of shopping any time day or night with direct to your door delivery. You can custom size your art. If you are having trouble fitting or finding that right sized piece of wall art to fit that unusual space. Many on line art resources can custom size and frame to make it fit those tricky dimensions. They can also accommodate your larger spaces as well. For example, when decorating with wall art over the sofa, the standard design rule is to find a picture that measures to 2/3rds of the length of the sofa. The most common sofa measurements range from 80" to 90" long. So, a picture needs to be approximately 50" to 60" wide. Though you could create a grouping using smaller pieces of framed art, rather than a large image, either way this can be quite an expensive addition to your room. If you have ever attempted to find a picture suitable for your decorating scheme by shopping from store to often ends up being an exercise in futility. Out of frustration many settle for something that's "OK" rather then what it should image they LOVE. So, that's 2nd Benefit of decorating with wall art the frugal way by buying wall art online. With the massive collections to browse through, you are guaranteed to find the wall art you love in the size that you want. The final benefit is one I cannot emphasis enough. I guarantee, you will save substantial amounts of money and time when buying your wall art online. How? - You shop from the comfort of your home, when it's convenient, day or night. - Online framing is much cheaper. Web site art suppliers buy in bulk and complete your order on site. Local framers charge much more to frame your piece because the do the job one at a time and cannot benefit from the massive quantity discounts given to larger framing companies. These discounts are passed on to you. - If you don't like the completed have a guarantee backing up your online order. Local framers may accommodate your disappointment but it may cost you more for them to fix it. My final advice, buy your art online. It's easier. More satisfying. And, definitely the #1 way to save money. Ready to shop for art online but don't know where to start? Start here at Frugal Home Design's Frugal Review of the 3 top selling Online Art Stores.

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