Do Over The Counter Hives Home Remedies Work?

Posted 4 years ago

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Hives are common skin conditions that is characterized by swelling, inflammation, and intense itching. In all circumstances, the affected areas of the skin will form clear defined edges called hives or wheals. Also, in most part, the itching can be very intense, causing great discomfort, and distraction; and that is one reason why some knowledge of how to concoct hives home remedy that can be quickly applied to relieve the condition is a good idea and knowledge to have in order to stop hives before it gets worse. Typically, hives are caused by an allergy. A person may be allergic to certain foods or drugs, to insect bites, metals or plants. When the skin comes in contact with an allergen, a substance called histamine is released by the body, which triggers the allergic reaction and causes swelling, inflammation and itching. Allergies are not the only causes of hives. Other known triggers are cold weather, emotional stress, and even sunshine. When these are the main reasons for developing the condition, the hives often don't last long. They can disappear within minutes or hours or in two to three days at most. The symptoms are not as severe as when the causes were as a result of allergy or insect bites. Hives home remedies are simple to make, one can use some materials that can easily be obtained from drugstores or even some household items. If someone in the family is prone to hives, stock on these materials to have them ready when needed. They are calamine lotion, antihistamines, hydrocortisone, and milk of magnesia. If possible, get chickweed leaves from an herbal store also. Calamine lotion: This is an astringent that is a well-known treatment for itch caused by poison ivy. It also works in soothing the itch of hives. Astringents diminish the action and effect of histamine, helping to bring down the inflammation and itchiness. Aside from calamine lotion, other astringents helpful in relieving hives are witch hazel and zinc oxide. Hydrocortisone creams: These are easily available over-the-counter, and may also be used by applying it on the skin area around the wheals and itching spots. This works really well; but will need to be reapplied when the effect wears off. Antihistamines: This is another over-the-counter medication that brings relief to hives itchiness. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton) are two of the most commonly used antihistamines. They are the main ingredients in medicines for cold and hay fever. Antihistamines may cause the side effect of drowsiness, so when they are taken, the person should preferably stay at home. No driving or operating heavy machinery when this is used. Hives home remedies also include dabbing milk of magnesia on the wheals caused by hives. Its alkalinity relieves the itching. Some say that it works better than calamine lotion in reducing the itchiness. Another effective remedy is poultice made of crushed chickweed leaves. You can put this on the skin to relieve itching. When it dries, remove it from the skin and put on a fresh layer of the poultice. An alternative to chickweed leaves is to use water and cream of tartar instead, mixing these to form a paste poultice. Cooling the skin and applying pressure also help relieve hives. To cool the skin, apply cold compress, rub an ice cube over the wheals, or sit in a cool bath. This works by constricting the blood vessels and preventing the release of excess histamine. Of course, for the type of hives that is caused by cold weather, this home treatment will not work at all, but will aggravate the situation. In this case, pressure, or acupressure in particular, will be more likely to give relief. Finally, drinking teas that calm the nerves is another excellent home remedy for hives. Peppermint, passionflower and chamomile teas are recommended, as are valerian and catnip teas. They work best for the types of hives brought on by emotional stress. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation are also greatly beneficial. It makes sense to find out what causes the hives, and to avoid it. Prevention, as they say, is still the best medicine. Avoid allergens that can possibly bring on an attack of hives. If exposure cannot be avoided, it is a good idea to take an antihistamine in advance, as this can prevent hives or reduce the severity of the symptoms. Ben Paul is a natural herb and vitamin enthusiast who has written extensively about the importance of taking vitamins and herbal supplements.

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