Do You Have Problems With Mice?

Posted 4 years ago

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There are not very many people around who are okay with sharing their home with mice. They are inconvenient and they make you worry about when they are going to show up next. They can also carry with them many different kinds of diseases and they have the ability to cause extensive damage to your possessions and your home. You can try to handle this problem on your own if it is not very bad. However, people with extensive mouse and mice problems should consider hiring an exterminating company. Without question, the best way to deal with mice problems is to prevent them from starting in the first place. These creatures are small to begin with and they somehow have the ability to squeeze through openings that are much smaller than their own bodies. These determined little creatures even have the ability to chew through rubber, plastic and sometimes rubber in order to sneak their way into your home. You should take a tour around the outside of your home to look for ways that the mice might be able to get in. Some of the best places to look are around pipes and vents that are on the ground level. Doors that have gaps on the bottom are an easy place for them to get in too. You should use a foam rope, foam sealer or caulking to seal some of these holes. However, the best deterrent is some kind of steel wool. Mice do not have the ability to chew through this at all. You should also cut back any weeds or plants that grow up your exterior walls. This is important because mice like to be protected and if there is no greenery for them to hide behind; they will be less likely to stay in the area. The first sign of mice is usually the appearance of mouse droppings. These are small, black droppings that are in the shape of a small rod. Another sign that you may have a problem with mice is furniture that has gnawing marks on it. One problem with mice is that they breed very quickly and they travel in pairs. Do not get excited if you set a trap of some kind and catch a mouse, because it very rarely the only one that you have inside your house. Most people use the old-fashioned sprint mouse trap when they first discover that they have mice in their home. These traps should be put in the places where you have found droppings and you should use bait like chocolate, peanut butter or raisins to attract the mice. There are also traps available now that will trap the mouse inside so that you do not ever have to see or touch the mouse once it has been caught. Some of the traps are more humane and only trip the mouse. You can then release the mouse outdoors. However, you should make sure that take the mouse far enough away so that they do not find their way back. There are also poisons that can consider using. However, you should read the instructions carefully before you choose to use these. Stewart Wrighter has often called on the expertise of a Dayton exterminating Company to treat his small bed and breakfast hotel. He contacted a Dayton Mouse and mice exterminating company to get rid of pests in his basement.

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