Why don’t I always get all the freebies I request?

Posted 1 year ago

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You’re probably thinking along the lines…. is the company not legit? or that was a bogus offer? Was it a phishing ploy to get your information? In reality it was probably nothing like that. The company was more than likely legit & the free sample was probably real. Yet it is still possible that you did not receive your freebie. This is why… When companies offer free samples it is normal that they predetermine the number of samples they are going to give away before they launch their campaign. These samples are distributed on a first come first served basis. That means if you do not request your free sample before supplies are exhausted, you are highly unlikely to receive your freebie. It’s common for a company to receive more requests than it has free samples to offer. In fact in many cases, the free samples are exhausted within an hour or two of launch! This is the main reason you don’t get all the free samples you request. But there’s more to it than just being quick – shipping costs can often influence what requests a company fulfills. Imagine yourself as the company that is providing the free samples. Your offer is massively oversubscribed and the only cost variable available to you is the shipping costs. Wouldn’t it make financial sense to fulfill the requests that were closer to home. In other words, the closer you are to the company’s distribution center, the lower the shipping costs! Your geographical location is another reason why you don’t always receive the freebies you request. The bottom line is requesting a free sample does not automatically mean you are entitled to it. There are a number of reasons why you may not receive all the freebies you have requested. While we have explained the main two reasons above, there are often many other things that can determine whether or not you will receive the items you requested. We cannot explain all the factors here because they vary from offer to offer. To summarize, freebie hunting should be looked at as a numbers game. In other words, the more free samples you request, the more you will receive and the happier you will be. As we said at the beginning, (see full article), the quickest and easiest way to find freebies on-line is to visit freebie sites like KwikFreebies. By using freebie sites you will save countless hours of searching the web for free stuff, plus, generally speaking, you don’t have to worry about scams and requesting bogus offers. In other words, it’s safer to use a freebie site than it is to do the grunt work yourself.

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