Door Hinges - How To Avoid Common Problems With Them

Posted 4 years ago

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Have you noticed that your door doesn't work as well as it should? Perhaps it groans or squeaks as it is being opened or shut? Many of the problems associated with doors can be directly attributed to their hinges. In fact, most people only realize the importance of door hinges, which are made up of two plates and a cylinder, once the door is not functioning properly or has fallen off its supports entirely. You need to know about the different problems that could be caused by faulty hinges, so that you can deal with them in a proactive manner. 1. Squeaky hinge: This generally happens on account of dust settling inside the rotating cylinder. The only way to deal with this problem is to lubricate the hinge properly so that the dust cannot cause excess friction and therefore the irritating noise. Silicone lubricant or powdered graphite are very good options. 2. Door falls off its support: This can be caused due to more than one reason. If the door is very heavy then it needs at least three hinges, and not the usual two, in order to provide it proper support. A door can also go askew in the case of the door frame not being sturdy enough. Doors and frames made of particle board generally result in this problem. 3. Scraping or rattling sound when the door is open or shut: This problem usually occurs when the hinge is not placed flush with the jamb. It will not be able to move freely and this leads to the noises. As you can see, many of the common problems associated with door hinges occur on account of them not being maintained or installed properly. As a matter of fact, these problems are certain to happen, even if you buy the most expensive equipment and accessories for your doors. It is therefore best that you hire an experienced person to fit your doors; you will then have hardly any problems with them. Needless to say, you do have to maintain them well to keep them in good condition. It is also very important to buy high quality hinges so that you can avoid any problems. Make sure that you only buy products that are made of high quality raw materials and which have been manufactured to the highest standards. Not only will they look very attractive, but they will also last a very long time on your doors.
Read about the common problems associated with door hinges. Find out how you can keep your hinges working well.

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