Earrings For Sensitive Ears: Jewelry Styles And Materials For Those With Metal Allergies

Posted 4 years ago

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Earrings are popular accessories and can add a touch of sophistication to almost any outfit, whether the wearer is a man or woman. It's a shame, then, that almost 50% of people with ear piercings have sensitive earlobes. When a person has sensitive earlobes, he or she can develop an allergy to a particular material within the earring back. This can cause redness, soreness, itching, bleeding, swelling, or even pus at the piercing site. This type of reaction most often occurs when an earring is new and has not been worn before. Most likely, the earring contains a material which reacts with the wearer's skin. Luckily, there earrings for sensitive ears available in many different styles and materials. One of the most common causes of allergic reactions to earrings is nickel, a metal commonly used to make affordable earrings. Nickel is often present in earrings made of stainless steel. Most jewelry stores carry earrings which are labeled "Nickel-Free." If you are experiencing painful, red, or itchy ears after wearing earrings, try buying earrings manufactured without nickel to see if the problem goes away. More than likely, nickel is what's causing the reaction. Some people are allergic to metals other than nickel in their earrings. For those people whose ears are still reacting to nickel-free earrings, silver and gold earrings are usually a safe bet. Though these metals are more expensive than other materials, the allergy rate for gold and silver is very low compared to other, less expensive "filler" metals. If nickel-free earrings don't do the trick, consider investing in a more expensive pair of earrings in order to give your ears a break from pain, redness, and swelling - accessories that don't look or feel good at all. There are some people whose earlobes are so sensitive that even gold and silver causes irritation. For those people, there are earrings - as well as other pieces of jewelry - made from niobium. Niobium is a metal with an extremely low allergy rate. Skin reactions to niobium are so rare, in fact, that most surgical tools are made from it. Niobium earrings are available from some jewelers, but the designs are usually limited and they can be quite pricey. For a wider variety of styles, consider earrings made of platinum, which also has a low allergy rate. Though platinum is the most expensive earring material, for those with extremely sensitive ears, they can be well worth the price. If you have mildly sensitive ears, but you don't think you can afford a pricey pair of earrings, there are some tricks you can use to reduce the chance of an allergic reaction to your earrings. Before you put on your earrings, wipe the backs with over-the-counter rubbing alcohol before putting them on. This kills any bacteria on the earring back and reduces the risk of infection. You can also put a dab of antibiotic cream on the backs of your earrings, which also makes an infection less likely. Earrings that have never been worn can sometimes have chemicals on them, which can serve to irritate ears. Always wash new earrings in lukewarm water with mild soap before putting them in your ears. For more information and products for earrings for sensitive ears, please visit http://www.sensitively-yours.com

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