Do You Know When And Why To Change Your Engine Oil?

Posted 1 year ago

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Your car’s performance is dependent on a number of factors; one of the most important of which is its engine oil. From running it on good quality engine oil to understanding when you should change the oil, every aspect is very important if you want to keep your automobile performing optimally. You should not underestimate the importance of looking after your engine oil; it is responsible for all of the lubrication and cooling of all the internal parts of your engine.

Engine oil plays an imperative role in the efficiency of your car’s engine; if you want your car to run smoothly and with the minimum of fuss and problems, you must keep your engine oil in prime condition. By regularly changing your engine oil you will find your engine suffers from fewer problems, plus, it will save you money on gas because your engine will function more efficiently.

The biggest problem for most car owners is they don’t know when they should be changing the engine oil. The fact is, all you need to know is, the more often you change your oil, the more efficiently your engine will perform. Having said that, there are a few signs that will indicate when it’s definitely time to change your oil. Don’t ignore these signs, if you do, it will end up costing you money!

Your oil looks dirty

When engine oil is fresh and clean it is always light in appearance, with a color similar to that of apple juice. With time and usage, the oil will darken, and eventually, if you do not change it, it will turn black. If your engine oil appears black, it is completely worn out! Don’t wait until it turns black, change it when it starts to get darker.  

Your oil level becomes low

In older, high mileage cars, a low oil level is usually a sign that the oil is due for a change. The majority of modern cars only consume a small amount of oil, so if your oil level is low, it indicates that the oil has been in there a long time and should be changed.

If your oil warning light comes on

Many newer cars are equipped with oil warning arrows which turn on automatically whenever your car engine oil becomes dirty or low. Assuming you do not have an oil leak, the warning light is a sure sign that your oil needs changing. Of course, if you have a leak, or the engine is burning oil, you will need to consult a mechanic.

If you engine warning light comes on

A lot of cars come with a feature that allows the engine light to glow when the oil gets either degraded or low. Try changing the oil as the first and cheapest fix, however, if the engine warning light continues to glow after you have changed the oil, consult a mechanic, as there is some sort of other problem. 


A car’s user manual includes a recommended number of miles and/or a period of time in which the oil should be changed. If the recommended number of miles has been reached, or the specified amount of time has passed, it’s a good time to get your engine oil changed.


If you look after your engine oil properly, your car will operate at maximum efficiency and you will reduce the risk of mechanical failure, brought on by degraded engine oil. In the long term, by regularly changing your engine oil, you will save money on gas and avoid the expense of fixing potential mechanical problems, caused by degraded engine oil.

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