Entertaining and Fun Christmas Party Games Ideal for the Whole Family

Posted 4 years ago

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Most people enjoy having a very special Christmas party complete with Christmas party games and an abundance of Christmas party supplies. For this reason, the host will want to prepare in advance. Christmas party games are a lot like other party games, but most importantly they must be fun and have a hint of the Christmas spirit in them. Christmas party games can be divided into three distinct categories. First of all, Christmas party games for guests of all ages will be very entertaining while providing fun for the entire family. These games are designed for everyone and more often than not, require very little reading and a lot of family fun. Secondly, Christmas party games can be mainly for children therefore creating something to keep them entertained while the adults socialize and have fun. Finally, adult Christmas party games can be played with the adult guests while the children enjoy their own activities. More often than not, these games are team oriented and involve a great deal of reading. The following Christmas games are designed for guests of all ages: Pass the Christmas Stocking: This game is played very similar to the traditional Hot Potato game. The guests sit or stand in a circle and as the Christmas music is played they pass around a Christmas stocking. Then when the music stops the last person to have possession of the stocking is out. The game is played until only one person is left and that person is declared the winner. The game itself is perfect for guests of all ages. Pin the Nose on the Reindeer: This game is played much like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. To play the game a large drawing of a reindeer or poster is placed on a wall or door. The guests are then blindfolded (one at a time) and spun around three times. Then they are faced in the direction of the Reindeer and given a paper red nose with tape on the back. They are directed to place the nose on the reindeer. The winner of the game is the guest that gets the reindeer's nose closest to the correct spot. More often than not, these Christmas party games in addition to Christmas party supplies will be welcomed additions to the party. Additionally, the Christmas party supplies can coordinate with the decorations and add a great deal to the overall party theme. Gail Leino also known as Mrs. Party inspires party planners to create unique kids birthday parties in TV & Movie characters. With ideas for children's party games, activities, decorations, invitations, balloons, and character party supplies. Theme music, recipes, menus to tie together the celebration.

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