Fashion Tips: How to Style Colorful and Patterned Jeans

Posted 4 years ago

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I love the new trend of colorful jeans. OK, it's not all that new. If you look back to decades past, it was actually pretty popular in the 80s. But the way it is being styled now is a little less seizure inducing and more chic. And while it may be something you aren't used to in your fashion repertoire, you can definitely style it a way that will make you feel comfortable and stylish and not like you just stand out like a sore thumb. First, start off with a color that is a bit tamer. Red skinny jeans may not be your thing right away but a dark green or purple may be a good way to start and are easy to style. When you have nothing else you can think of to wear with them, a white or black t-shirt can work perfectly. In fact, the classic white t-shirt with a nice necklace and a pair of flats or sandals can create a trendy outfit that isn't too loud. When you start to feel a little bolder, try the trend that recently popped up on London's runways, which is pairing up very closely related colors. So forest green pants with a lime green top and bright green high tops would create the effect of a slimming, color coordinated look without matching completely to the same hue. Moving to more colorful choices, a pair of red, orange, teal or even yellow pants could be your next step. They are bold and eye catching, so they aren't for the faint of heart, but you can really create a unique look with these. Wear your red pants for a night out on the town and you'll be sure to draw some attention. Just don't go too crazy with color combinations or you'll look like you got dressed with your eyes closed. Floral pants are also making their way back into the scene, but patterned jeans in general can be hard to pull off. The key, above all else, is confidence. Also, let them stand out on their own. If you are wearing jeans with flowers, don't wear a floral top or shoes. Polka dot pants should not be mixed with a polka dot head scarf. You want the pattern to speak for itself, not drown you. Don't be afraid of patterns and colors, just experiment with it and start off slow. Before you know it, you'll be as trendy as all the runway models. is a member of the AJ Blog Network, a Mecca of blog sites that provided fresh blog content on a daily basis. Check out more posts from and a series of other fantastic blog sites at

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