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Posted 4 years ago

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Fibroids are a growth that develop or appear during the child bearing years for a woman. They in no way indicate a sign of cancer and it does not increase the risk of women getting cancer. Fibroids can be troublesome and cause many problems within the uterus. It can result in your uterus getting taken out which causes you not to be able to bear any children. There are prevention measures that can be taken to avoid this result in the first place. Natural remedies for fibroids are minimizing the consumption of fatty foods like beef and red meat and include a lot of vegetables, fruits, and cereals/whole grains. Also, meat and dairy products are believed to have estrogen effects on the body and the uterus. It is said that they are related to promoting fibroid growth. Studies have proven that women with this diet habit are at a much lower risk of getting fibroids. Increasing the consumption of soy also helps because it is thought that soy protein could have weak estrogen effects and this assists in regulating the altered balance. The soy proteins challenge the estrogen in the body and it stops it from starting any fibroid growth. Some kinds of supplements and herbs like yellow dock root, milk thistle seed, and dandelion seed are believed to stop and/or shrink fibroid growth. Basically, estrogen is said to be the main cause of fibroids. It promotes them. The best ways to reduce estrogen is the above listed ways and also: weight reduction, exercise, and plenty of water. Fat cells hold estrogen, so it is recommended to shed some of the weight. Drinking water is a very effective way to take care of most organs. It flushes out toxins in your body, so ten to twelve cups of water a day should keep the body well hydrated. By cleansing your body with water, it may help fibroids disappear as well. Another thing that is known to help more than just fibroids is Apple Cider Vinegar. If you take at least an equivalent of a shot glass a day, it should help you a lot. It eats away at the fibroids and dissolves them. It is not recommended to just fill a shot glass up and just knock it back because it can make you feel very queasy. The recommended way is by pouring a shot glass full into a glass of water and drinking it. Of course, it does not taste very good but it is very helpful in getting rid of your problems. For faster results, take it three times a day and you will be astonished at what it can do for you. Doctors may recommend more radical uterine fibroids treatment. It is a procedure where doctors will remove the fibroids and possibly your uterus. Of course, as stated before, this procedure can be avoided. There are many uterine fibroids treatment options to choose from. To read more about natural remedies for fibroids visit today.

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