Five Things You Should Know About Silk Luxury Bedding Before You Buy Anything

Posted 4 years ago

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The luxury bedding market is a growing area where people are starting to realize how sheets can impact their sleep. Sleep is hard to come by these days and the conditions for a great sleep need to be perfect. One of the most desired bedding fabrics for people to seek out is pure silk. And it's tough to find, but when you do, you need to understand it's not like your normal set. Here are five things you have to be aware of before you purchase your first set of pure silk bedding sheets. 1. Seams Silk is woven on looms that are only 114cm wide which is much smaller than the width of our big beds. This means that there are panels of silk fabric that need to be sewn together to create a sheet. That means there will be seams in your sheets. It's not a bad thing at all as you will never feel them, but you will see them. It's better to not be surprised by them though. 2. Washing Washing silk is the one thing you really need to be prepared for. They require a lot more gentle care if you are going to do it yourself. Using a special detergent is necessary so it won't ruin the integrity of the sheets. Plus you should never use your dryer to dry the sheets, that will ruin them quickly. The best thing to do would be use a dry cleaner. They are the most gentle and easiest by far. You should only get the dry cleaned once a month, no more is required. 3. No Pets Lots of people sleep with their pets on the bed. However, you can't do that with silk because of their claws. They can easily snag the silk as they could do with any fabric... you just don't want them to do it with your luxury silk bedding sets. 4. No Pajamas If you are used to wearing pajamas to bed, you will want to stop now with silk bedding. You don't get the full affect of sleeping in silk unless you are in the nude. Not only does it feel amazing, but the fabric can better work to keep you in the perfect temperature for the best sleep possible. 5. Prepare To Love Them Finally, don't be surprised if you never want to sleep in anything else again. They do feel so amazing that you will want to sleep on silk for the rest of time for sure. Use these lessons of luxury bedding to make sure you know just what to expect because it will make a big difference. If you want to learn more about luxury bedding then you need to visit They are a specialty retailer of fine sheets like silk bedding and even silk comforters too.

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