Five Useful Tips to Help You Prepare For Your BBQ Garden Party

Posted 4 years ago

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The sun is shining and the weather is not so cool, what a perfect start for this year's barbecue season. It's now time for you to get that BBQ out from hiding, dust the cobwebs off and get cooking. Now we all know that there is no fun in cleaning your barbeque, getting rid of all that burnt on grease and sticky residue left from a successful evening cooking, and it's even enough to put some people off. Furthermore, the inevitability of creatures joining the party, such as wasps and ants is a given, However, not all is lost. There are five simple tips on how to set your barbeque alight. 1. Preparing for a barbecue The easiest way to clean is by not having to clean at all. By this we mean try not to allow meat and food to stick to your grill in the first instance. A simple and effective tip is cover your grill in a generous amount of oil before you cook. Voila. 2. How best to clean your barbecue Like some of us, if you didn't clean your BBQ properly before putting it away last year then there is a handy tip to remove the dirty. Let the grill soak in water with a touch of white vinegar and washing detergent, this will help loosen the dirt and be easily scrubbed off with a wire brush afterwards. 3. Cleaning your barbecue with a wire brush The most essential tool in your cleaning kit should be a wire brush, this will help tackle even the toughest of grime on your cooking rack. The best time to clean your barbeque is actually when your BBQ is still warm, NOT HOT, after cooking as the heat helps to lift the burnt on waste easier. You can do it when the BBQ is cooled completely but this will be much harder. 4. Combat any Ant annoyances A good home remedy to fight invasion is Cinnamon. Simply sprinkled whenever you see ants and you'll quickly see them retreat away. This won't harm any ant but will just deter them from going in the area. 5. Make a natural wasp repellent Finally the most annoying of all pests, wasps. They can be a really nuisance around food and sweet smelling drinks and are often the cause of the one man Mexican wave. If everyday repellents aren't working then a top tip is to recreate the smell of the wasps natural enemy, the hornet. If a wasp smells this particular smell then they, just like the ant and Cinnamon, they will retreat. All you need to do is take a brown paper bag and whilst blowing air into it, tie the end with a rubber band and hang in a prominent area of the garden. For normal flies, some Citronella oil or candle works perfectly.
Yasmin is a keen DIY enthusiast and garden lover and often spends time writing helpful and simple content for advice and inspiration about barbecue and outdoor entertaining. Your garden is much more than a patch of grass around your property but it's a hobby, a lifestyle, and an extension of yourself outdoors.

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