Flea Removal - Proven Natural Home Remedy and Tips For Pet Flea Control

Posted 4 years ago

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If you are looking for alternatives to harmful pesticides for flea removal, then look no further than your home. There are many natural home remedies for pet flea treatment for dogs and cats that can help you with flea extermination, and get rid of fleas and ticks. Cedar oil and cedar shavings are great weapons as the parasites simply hate the smell and will avoid them like the plague. You should recall the age old treatment of using a cedar wood chest and drawers for keeping the bugs away. This is the same reason why you should be using cedar wood related products. The beauty of cedar is that while the parasites hate the smell of it, it smells great almost anywhere, even on us. Simply drip the essence on your pet, bedding, couch covers, carpets and you will drive the fleas miles away. One trick I use often, although a little extravagant, is to put a few drops of the cedar essence into my pail of cleaning water before I mop the house. This helps me to cover almost all areas with cedar smell, making my house smell good, and at the same time, keeping the bugs away. This approach has proven to be very effective as part of my pet flea treatment routine. Another useful trick I discovered is to put put a couple of drops of cedar oil into your laundry or dryer and let the smell permeate. When you wear that protective armour around, the fleas simply shun you and you get total protection too. But remember, never overdo the dosage. Also, make sure that no one in your home has any allergic reaction to it, before you decide to use it as a flea removal home remedy. The cost is very budget friendly to the average household. Imagine being able to keep the fleas at bay with just a few dollars for a bottle of essence, and it seems to last forever too. Natural cedar oil essence or shavings are available in any drug store, as they are rather popular with homemakers, and you should find them in almost any home. If you are too lazy to go shopping, simply go online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Some pet shops carry a variety of cedar related products for pets, such as pillows, bedding, and even little mattresses made of them too. Cedar is an effective pet flea control measure that allows you to keep away the parasites at a very affordable cost. It is easily available, easy to apply and does not leave any side effects to your pets or your family members. So, always keep some at home, and keep using it as part of your flea extermination activities.
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