Four Funny Ideas For A 50th Birthday Party

Posted 4 years ago

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Surprising tips for a fiftieth birthday celebration involve performing a humorous toast, working with a costume-themed occasion, playing rusty but entertaining party games, and providing funny presents. A fiftieth birthday party is truly a significant milestone. Although you can very well celebrate the day with appreciation and nostalgia, you can also make it cheerful by approaching the occasion in a humorous approach. Check out this article to understand some interesting ideas for a 50th birthday party. Execute a funny toast Performing a funny toast is a good way to keep things gentle and entertaining. Identify particular moments in the life of the visitor of honor and use that for your speech, such as an amusing private incident or perhaps a joke that's related to the age of the birthday celebrant. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to mix in a few sentimental moments. Just make sure that when you inform everybody how vital the celebrant is to your daily life and what a great individual he is, add adequate funny content in your speech to get every person laughing. Have a costume-themed celebration Pick a decade from the last fifty years and use that as a theme for the party. One certain decade is the disco period of the 1970's. You can have this decade as your occasion theme together with the costume as well as special effects. Send the guests 1970's-styled invitation cards. Decorate it with a lot of smileys or disco balls, and be sure to place the theme of the party and the required costume in the cards. Your guests can put on roller skates, wear bell bottoms as well as tube tops, or whatever famous fashion was during those times. Men could use big wigs, while women could have long hair or pig tails. Decorate the location with beaded curtains, lava lamps, smiley faces, posters of 1970's movies, and a large disco ball in the center of the room. Music and also food must appear like the 1970's, also. Therefore, you might like to start stacking up on those 1970's music as soon as possible. For the food, choose dishes that were popular during that decade. Moreover, you could have a "best disco dance steps" contest for all your visitors to participate and enjoy. Perform rusty but entertaining party games A comical toast as well as a costume-themed party are not the only interesting 50th birthday party ideas since the birthday party wouldn't be a blast without rusty but fun party games. An example is "pin the toupee on the bald man" game. This is just similar to "pin the tail around the donkey" with a bit of interesting twist. Another one would be playing some lines from songs that were popular during the era the celebrant was born on and letting the attendees guess the title of the song. Another idea will be a trivial pursuit concerning the celebrant's life. Offer interesting presents Aside from nice, sentimental gift items, it's also fun to give the celebrant a few funny presents. One particular idea will be a gift basket full of prune juice, arthritis rub, underwear, denture cleaning solutions, and a magnifying glass, and the like. In case the celebrant has a sweet tooth, you could also give him 50 items of nicely-wrapped lollipops having a note which says "Fifty sucks!". Alternatively, you could give a bag filled with fifty rocks and say "50 rocks!" Just make sure that the celebrant and any of his guests will not be offended by these humorous gift ideas. Written by Patricia Strasser. Find out more 50th birthday party ideas by going to

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