How To Never Miss Another Freebie Again

Posted 1 year ago

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How many times have you found a great website - only to forget where you found it? You're not alone; every day millions of people kick themselves for not bookmarking or remembering where they found a site that was of interest to them! Before I bore you by getting into too much detail, I am going to provide you with a link to our Facebook Group - as you read on you will understand why this link is so important.

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KwikFreebies is no different to any other site in as much as we get lots of visitors that use our site to find a freebie, then never come back. It's logical that since they found something they were looking for, the only reason they don't come back is because they have forgotten where to find our site!

Does this describe you?

In our case we add lots of new freebies and money saving tips on a daily basis, but lots of people never see them, or they find them too late to participate, because they have forgotten about our website.

We can change all that with the help of our Facebook Group

When you join a Facebook Group you receive notifications of all new group posts from Facebook - meaning you will never forget how to get back to a specific website. That does not mean you will get bombarded with tons of new posts. We usually only post once a day, but occasionally, if something special comes up, we will make a second post - solely for the benefit of our members. From our single post, if they choose to do so, our members can gain access to everything new on KwikFreebies by using our category menu, (shown on the right). The most popular categories are All Freebies, Birthday Freebies, Free Magazines & Community Resources.

How People Misunderstand Facebook

When Facebook users "like" and "follow" a Facebook page most people assume everything shared on that page will turn up on their own timeline. This is simply not true. When a post is shared on a Facebook page only about 1.2% (1 in 83 people) will see that post on their own timeline. In other words almost 99% of followers will never see that post. This is why so many people miss out on the latest freebies along with other posts made to pages they follow!

If you don't want to miss out again....

We recommend you join the KwikFreebies Facebook Group Thanks for reading....... Happy Freebie Hunting!          

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