Freebie Tips & Tricks to Maximize Your Haul & Minimize Your Effort

Posted 1 year ago

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Hopefully, having read this far, (see full article), you already have a good understanding of many freebie tips & tricks and how freebie sites work. Also, how to differentiate between legitimate freebies and scams. It’s now time to tell you how to maximize your chances of actually getting enough freebies to burst your mail box. First and foremost, in case you are not aware, there are tons of freebie sites out there, which is obviously good news for you, the freebie hunter. However, the trouble is, there are also millions of other people searching for online freebies too, which in turn means you are facing not inconsiderable competition. If you are only looking at one freebie site you are not going to see all the latest freebies in a timely fashion. One of the freebie tips you need to understand is that each freebie site finds its own freebies in its own time; this means that the free products you find on one site are often very different to the ones you will find on a different site. As time is very much of the essence when requesting a freebie, you should get into the habit of checking what’s available on 3 or 4 different freebie sites on a daily basis. If you only look at one, you are placing all your eggs in one basket, meaning the offer may not be hot off the press when you eventually see it! As we said earlier, its all a numbers game… It may seem an obvious thing to say, but, the more freebies you request, the more stuff you will find turning up in your mail box. Try not to get discouraged if a specific freebie you really wanted doesn’t show up. If you put in a consistent effort and request freebies every day you will be rewarded with a steady stream of surprises turning up on your door step. Reduce the time & effort you put in by using Auto-fill - one of the best freebie tips around! All major web browsers have free add-ons designed to help users fill out forms quickly and very efficiently. All you have to do is carefully fill out your information once, then watch your browser extensions automate it. Once you have set it up, each time you need to fill out a form, you can do it with just one click. Auto-fill will save you so much time you can easily increase the number of freebies you request. You can find free Auto-fill extensions for your browser on the following links: Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. Don’t forget, this is a numbers game & time is of the essence! Try to sign up for freebies on a daily basis. If you don’t, it is more than likely that the free stuff you want has been exhausted before you even request it! Set aside 5 minutes or so a day to request your freebies and you will be amazed at how many requests you can submit when you are using Auto-fill!

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