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Posted 1 year ago

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Tips on Getting Free Stuff From asia-fashion-wholesale.comFreecycle

The Freecycle Network is a localized website where you can find a variety of local free stuff, or, if you choose, it's a place where you can give away things that you don't want anymore. It's a wonderful way to get free stuff. It also brings into reality that old saying, "one man's junk is another man's treasure". What sort of Free Stuff can I Find on Freecycle? Just about anything is the quick answer to that question. You're likely to find furniture, appliances, clothing, books, kids toys, the odd bicycle plus a whole host of other things. Joining your Local Freecycle Group All you need to do is go to Freecycle (click here) and simply enter your zip code and click on GO. You will see a list of Freecycle groups in your area displayed.  If there are no groups in you area, you will see the following message: Please click here if you are interested in applying to set one up, and become a moderator of one in your community. Assuming your lucky enough to find a local group, simply click on the link and sign up. You're actually allowed to join up to a maximum of 5 Freecycle Groups. So if you have more than one group in your area, it's probably worthwhile joining them as it will obviously increase the amount of free stuff you have access to. Once you're in the local group you should take the time to read the note at the top of the forum. This will give you information on how to use your local Freecycle board and provide you with the group rules. You will use the orange tabs located at the top of the page to view what's on offer and the items that are wanted by other members. Remember, all you can do is browse the Offers & Wanted's until you create your free account at Freecycle & log into it.
The moderators of some groups automatically accept new members, but some groups may take a while before they approve your membership.

This is how you can Get Free Stuff from FreecycleExtra 15% Off Sitewide with Code: JULY15 Once you have been approved as a member of your local group, you will receive an email confirmation. As an approved member of your local Freecycle group, you are free to use your group to find and get free stuff for yourself.
Make sure you have read the rules so you know how to use the site properly. Different groups can have different procedures, so if you think you know the procedures because you belong to another group, think again.

Some groups require you to give something away before you can request free stuff from other members. Other groups may have no such requirement. Just make sure to read the rules so you don't violate them before you start!

Giving Stuff Away for Free If you'd like to give away something for free all you have to do is list it on Freecycle. But again, don't forget to read the rules first, because as we already mentioned, each Freecycle Group generally operates slightly differently to the next. Check out our Community Resources section for more programs  

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