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Posted 4 years ago

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Garden containers can be plain and simple or decorative and ornate. The looks of the container won't affect the results of your planting, but it might make a difference in your outdoor decor. Selecting the right garden containers can add a lot of interest to your outdoor spaces. Your choice of design and color can transform a plain and overlooked space into the focal point of your entire yard. The containers you choose can reflect your personality. Someone with a bubbly personality could select containers that are brightly painted and whimsical in nature. The serious personality may select containers of similar size in a neutral palette. The creative gardener might go for a vintage collection of old clothes baskets or radio flyers. Unless you prefer the industrial plastic pots of yesterday, the variety of garden containers available today are only limited by your own imagination. Given the limitations of busy work schedules and smaller yard space, more and more people are beginning to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables in containers, rather than in the large gardens of our parents and grandparents. It is a great way to relieve stress and a fairly inexpensive way to enjoy your free time. You have the pleasure of growing your own produce with the knowledge of how and where it was grown. It's easier to arrange your containers for optimum sun exposure on warm and sunny days, then move them to a sheltered area during inclement weather or frost warnings. Weeds can actually be controlled in a container garden environment. By planting in a mixture of container soil and earthworm castings, you start your garden virtually weed free and as the seeds, from those pesky weeds, make their way to your container garden by birds and wind, they'll be easier to control as you'll be able to spot them and pull them as soon as they sprout. With a little planning and consideration, your container garden can be a thing of beauty and pride. You can select ceramic garden containers in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors for a bright and bold look or attractive wooden plants for the earthy natural look of the outdoors.  Whichever container you choose, relax, have fun and enjoy your container garden. They really are a wonderful way to spend some quality time with mother nature.
You don't have to go big to go gardening. A small space garden might be the solution for you. And selecting the right garden containers might reveal a lot about your personality.

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