Good Flowers to Grow in Your Garden

Posted 4 years ago

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Don't you envy your neighbors when you visit their garden and find it to be a paradise on Earth? You too can set up your own paradise with a little bit of planning and hard work on your side. Don't hesitate; because once your garden gets set beautifully with your efforts, you will treasure it more than gold itself. The best way to start a beautiful garden is to have a large number of flowering plants. These plants will slowly fill your garden with flowers of all kind. Try to plan in advance what type of flowers you want in your garden. You need to take proper care of your garden during the gardening work process done by you in the garden. The same needs to be done even after the gardening work is done by you. Don't forget to water your flowering plants but only water them as much as required. Try to keep pets out of your garden for three possible reasons. Firstly they will mess up the place. Besides this, they also have the tendency to destroy all the hard work done by you. And lastly, some types of flowers are known to be poisonous to them, so it is best not to allow them in the garden unless they are under your strict supervision. Here are some suggestions to get the right variety of flowers for your garden. Some of the flowers which deserve a place in your garden are white annuals. They will help you to provide virginal beauty for your garden. The reason I'm recommending a lot of white flowers is because white flowers as well as flowers with pastel shades manage to provide a good contrast in the shade. On the other hand, the flowers which are dark in color, although beautiful will simply fade away in the background. The Sweet Alyssum is an ideal addition to your garden as it grows very well in the sun and has a height of 2-3 inches long. The Crepis gives daisy shaped white flowers with green leaves and stalks. They can flower throughout the summer. You can also add a variety of Mulliens - they have white foliage along with yellow and white flowers. These flowering plants will grow up to a height of 3-6 feet long. They should ideally be placed at the back of the garden. Nicotiana can also be an integral part of your garden. It is also known as flowering tobacco. You can plant both the varieties available - pink as well as white. This plant creates a fine blend of beauty and decoration in your garden. Nasturtiums can be planted in your garden as they are ideal if you have kids, as they don't contain any toxic part which can land in your kid's hands or mouth. There are a variety of other flowering plants which too can be grown in your garden. But learn to add these plants gradually in a phased manner in your garden. Along with your flowering plants, add some annual vines too to your garden. They will add variation and beauty to your garden. And the best thing is that it hardly costs anything to buy its seeds. Finally now that you have set your paradise, learn to enjoy it and relax in it.
Matthew Kepnes loves to garden and he loves how flowers can bring so much color into a room. You can learn about how he figures out gardening [] and specific gardening tips at his gardening story blog [].

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