Grandma's Home Remedies for Sinusitis Mucus Relief

Posted 4 years ago

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Is that sinusitis mucus clogging your sinuses making your life miserable? In the olden days grandmas had a wealth of home remedies that actually worked well. Let's resurrect a few to bring you some relief. Even if you hate horseradish, you might really like the way it works to get rid of that sinusitis mucus. You even have a choice of two different ways to use it. First option: Grate some horseradish into a dish. Now put your nose over that dish and inhale. Whew! That's got to thin that mucus and whisk it out of your sinuses. Second option: Build up your courage and give this grandma remedy a try: Mix equal amounts of grated horseradish and lemon juice. Eat one teaspoonful of this mixture an hour before you eat breakfast. You will be amazed at how fast that sinusitis mucus breaks up and moves out of your sinuses. If you're brave enough to try it again, take a second teaspoonful of the mixture an hour before you eat dinner as well. If you're not courageous enough to go the horseradish route, then maybe you could go for this recipe: Hot Spiced Tomato Juice 2 cups tomato juice 2 to 3 cloves of garlic, crushed 2 tablespoons lemon juice Hot sauce to taste (the more you can include, the more effective the remedy) Mix and heat all the ingredients in a pan over the stove. Sip this tea slowly. Re-warm it as you need to so you get the full beneficial effects of the steam. That spiced steam helps loosen mucus too. Oh, don't worry. Grandma had more ways to loosen up that blasted mucus if you can't stomach the hot stuff. Try the heat or cold applications. Apply heat to your sinuses to help alleviate that build up of sinusitis mucus that eventually can cause a throbbing sinus headache. Dip a small clean towel in hot water (but not so hot that it burns you skin of course). Wring it out and place it over your sinuses. Although for some folks it only provides temporary relief, in others it completely relieves the symptoms of a headache and the aching in your face. Use this technique for at least 15 minutes at a session. And you can repeat it several times throughout the day. Heat may provide relief from the pain and relax those muscles you've been tightening up. And heat helps loosen up the congestion brought about by that sinusitis mucus. Beyond that heat dilates the blood vessels under the hot pack to draw more blood into the area to deliver healing nutrients and take away the toxins. But there's one thing heat isn't very good at: reducing inflammation. But the application of anything cold, including ice, certainly can help bring down the swelling in your cheeks and elsewhere. And here's what Grandma would recommend. Mix two cups of very cold water with one tablespoon of Epsom salts and two teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda. Dip a clean cloth into the solution. Place this over your sinus area. Keep it on as long as you can tolerate it. If it begins to warm, then replace it. Just keep the area cold. Your grandma would tell you that it reduces the swelling. But it also helps to alleviate that stuffy nose -- very quickly. This is an excellent remedy to use when your sinusitis is accompanied with a cold. Grandma's wise remedies have gone by the wayside in this modern world, but it's time to resurrect them to get you some relief from that sinusitis mucus that's clogging your sinuses and making you miserable. In addition to grandma's home remedies for relieving sinusitis mucus problems Dr. Bessie Jo Tillman, MD offers many more solutions to your sinusitis symptoms in her e-book Sinusitis Remedies Galore. Access Dr. Jo's knowledge accumulated over 30 years in applying natural healing techniques. Find the help you need now.

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