Choosing the Right Handbag at the Best Price

Posted 1 year ago

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You may be torn because you want a handbag with style but also one that is durable and well made. You also need it to combine functionality with your lifestyle. The first thing you must do is decide which category the handbag you are looking for fits into.


Is it a handbag you are going to use every day, once a week or maybe just a couple times a month?

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  The next thing that you need to decide is what you will be carrying in your bag. If you're going to use your handbag everyday, then you'll probably have a wallet/purse, keys, your cell phone, some makeup and various other items. The space these items take up can really add up, plus, don't forget how heavy all these items can be when they are all packed into your handbag.


So you probably want to consider looking for a durable handbag for every day use. Most women find themselves keeping more and more stuff in their handbags. If that's you and you are looking to eliminate some of the clutter from your bag, you should consider going with a mid-size or smaller handbag. Clearly, the less room you have in your handbag, the less likelihood that you will store excessive amounts of stuff in it.  

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  Another thing to consider when picking the right handbag is your style. Think about your wardrobe. Do you tend to wear clothing that is trendy, casual or classic? You need to decide if you are looking for a handbag that has zippered compartments, pockets or compartments. You may just want something very simple that only has a single compartment. Color is a big factor. Darker colors are more durable and show less wear. Bright colors make a statement and attract more attention. Lighter colors will show wear more quickly. You should also consider your body type when buying a handbag. Large bags are not complimentary to shorter women. The best bet is probably a medium sized bag or smaller handbag, like a clutch. Large handbags compliment well built body types. If you are tall, it's probably best to go for a rounder larger bag. It will make you look both slimmer and not as tall.

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Designer or imitation? Your bank account will probably decide on that, but, if you shop in the right places, you will be amazed at the classy handbags you will find at extremely affordable prices.


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