Healthy Eating Myths

Posted 4 years ago

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Swapping Ice Cream for Frozen Yogurt Will Save You Calories This switch may or may not have you saving calories. Some people think because "it's yogurt, it's healthier," but they are wrong. They think they can eat more of it, so they end up consuming just as many calories. Plus, there are some brands of frozen yogurt that have almost double the calories of a light, slow-churned ice cream, which has 50 percent less fat. Bottom line: Read the labels and keep your portions in check. Brown Eggs Are Healthier When it comes to eggs, the color on the outside has nothing to do with the nutrition on the inside. The nutrients found in brown and white eggs are essentially the same, however, brown eggs often cost more. "Regular brown eggs are not worth the higher price tag," says registered dietitian Victoria Shanta Retelny. Retelny says if you're looking to boost the nutrient content of your eggs, choose brands whose packages say they're rich in omega-3 fats (the hens' feed is rich in these essential fatty acids); they cost a bit more as well, but in this case, you're actually getting what you're paying for. Turkey Bacon Has Less Fat and Sodium Than the Regular Stuff Though turkey is a leaner meat than pork, you have to be careful of what is added to make the turkey taste like bacon. Typically, the salt, fat -- and in some cases, the calories -- are the same, if not higher. You'll have to shop around to find brands of turkey bacon that truly are lower in sodium and fat. Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter Is Healthier Reduced-fat peanut butter is not necessarily a better choice over the regular kind. In fact, more sugar and sodium are often added to make up for the lower fat content. Beware and read the fine print as many brands contain trans fatty acids or partially hydrogenated oils -- those pesky bad-for-you oils to enhance each jar's shelf life as well as the flavor of the lower-fat version. Instead, pure unadulterated ground peanuts are your best bet. Using Margarine Instead of Butter Will Save Calories Butter and margarine have about the same amount of calories. But while margarine, made from vegetable oils, was created as a more healthful alternative to butter (which contains cholesterol and saturated fat), some margarines are actually less healthy for you because they contain trans fats, which have even more adverse effects on cholesterol and heart health. If you choose margarine, look for trans fat-free brands. ---------------------------------------------------- Brett Lechtenberg is Utah's top expert on safety. He has trained thousands of people to empower themselves both physically and mentally with his fitness programs at Personal Mastery Martial Arts and iLoveKickboxing-Sandy. Learn more at Brett's websites and

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