Home Remedies For Hair Loss – How to Keep Your Hair Full

Posted 10 months ago

Hair loss can happen to anyone be they woman or man, young or old; and it can be for various reasons. Sometimes the health of the person is involved. Other

Hair loss can happen to anyone be they woman or man, young or old; and it can be for various reasons. Sometimes the health of the person is involved. Other times it can just be a medication or it can be heredity. Remedies for hair loss can be done naturally to prevent or stop losing hair that can be found in the supermarket, in the drug store, or in the home.

A way to get your hair to grow faster and hopefully stop balding is to rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea. Make a strong sage tea by boiling four cups of water and adding a handful of fresh sage or at least one fourth cup dried sage. Boil for two minutes then remove from heat. When the mixture is cool strain and add one cup of apple cider vinegar. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator and use about one cup to rinse your hair. This mixture will also stop graying of the hair as well.

Saw Palmetto is a popular herb used to improve hair growth. It cleans out the hair follicles and lets them thrive again. Silica is used to prevent baldness and nettles are high in this mineral. Find Saw Palmetto in the health food store. It does come unbound but if you can’t find it get it in capsules and take them apart. Combine one tablespoon saw palmetto and combine it with two teaspoons of nettle. Boil four cups of water and once the water boils add the herbs. You can wrap them in cheesecloth and tie with string or you can strain them out after they have boiled for about five minutes. Cool and rinse head daily. Saw Palmetto capsules can also be taken daily. Nettle juice can be found at any health food store and drinking 1 tablespoon in a glass of water will help. DHT is a bi product of testosterone and can cause male pattern baldness. Saw Palmetto and nettle have been proven to help rid the system of DHT. Saw Palmetto also helps with any prostrate problems.

Rosemary oil is an ancient remedy for hair loss as it stimulates the follicles and improves oxygen. Rosemary oil is somewhat expensive so to make it last a little longer combine five or six drops with about one tablespoon olive oil and massage into the scalp. Leave on a few hours and wash out several times per week. Rosemary cleans the scalp and gets rid of any damaging residue. Your scalp will tingle a bit but should not burn.

Tea Tree Oil kills bacteria and mites that kill hair follicles causing loss of hair. This too can be cut down with olive oil to make it last a little longer and not smell as strong. It is best to use this at night when you don’t have to go out and can wash it out in the morning because of the strong scent.

Hormones are usually the culprit in hair loss for women. One way to stop loss is to rub about one teaspoon of coconut oil into the scalp daily. This will also condition the hair you have. It is common for some conditioners to have coconut oil in them so be sure to find them and use them on a regular basis.

Good circulation to the scalp is essential to keep your hair full and thick. It is not a bad idea to get your hands on the scalp and give a nice massage every morning and every evening. Circulation will be improved and you may be able to keep your hair.

It should be noted that not all remedies work when used to combat baldness. Sometimes heredity just won’t give up and it doesn’t matter. However, with some preventative measures prior to losing most of your hair, you may be able to retain at least some of what you had in the past. You may even be able to grow more.

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