Home Remedies for Piles

Posted 4 years ago

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Many people suffer with hemorrhoids or piles at some point in their lives; some research suggests that it could be as many as 50% of people. While this figure does not paint a very bright picture for the sufferer, there is plenty of help available out there. There are many home remedies for piles, and it is possible to find over the counter cures for piles. While not all of the available remedies or cures for hemorrhoids may be effective for your situation, it is normally best to start with the home remedies before you begin spending money on medications. One of the best home remedies of piles is the use of hot and cold elements. Heat is one of the best numbing agents available, and you can easily relieve some of the pain cause by piles in your own bath tub. The first thing to do is run a warm but shallow bath, from here, add a little bicarbonate of soda and salt. Get in and soak for as long as you like, you can even top up the bath with hot water if it starts to get cold. Once you have soaked for long enough, you can dry the affected area and apply some olive oil. Olive oil actually has some great healing and soothing properties, and while it is not on any list of cures for piles, it will give you some relief. On the cold side of the spectrum, you can use anything from ice to cold water to sooth a bit of your pain. The only point to remember with cold applications is that they will only work as long as you have them applied to the affected area. In a desperate situation, you can always get some ice at a fast food restaurant and apply it in the restrooms, just be sure not to apply it for too long, as ice can cause more damage to the tissue surrounding your piles. As far as permanent cures for hemorrhoids go, there are not that many that are truly effective. Once the piles have gone away, they will surely come back again if you do not make some changes in your lifestyle. Diet is a key factor in the development of piles so check with your doctor to see what steps you can take to avoid them in the future so that you never need home remedies for piles again. If you like this article written by Fong Toh Jeng, please visit http://thehomeremediesforpiles.com/ to get more information regarding home remedies for piles

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