Home Remedy For Itchy Dog Skin Problems

Posted 4 years ago

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What is a good remedy for itchy dog skin problems? A powerful itchy dog home remedy is simple fish oil. Fish oil in dogs can do remarkable things. It is great for the skin and is fantastic for the coat. Omega three oils are natures natural anti inflammatories. If your dog is itchy, the skin will be very red and inflamed. Fish oil, when used in the correct dose will help reduce inflammation in the skin. This helps reduce the swelling. This helps reduce the irritation and redness of the rash. Fish oil is therefore a very good remedy for itchy dog skin problems. Many canine skin problems are caused by allergies that cause dog itching and dog scratching. Scratching damages the skin and can allow infection to develop. Infected skin is very irritating. Many canine skin problems and dog allergies are the direct result of a defective skin barrier. Canine skin is very thin compared with human skin and water loss from the skin can contribute to dry itchy skin. Omega three oils such as fish oil and flax seed oil are safe for dogs. Fish oil is a good remedy for itchy dog skin problems because it reduces inflammation of the itchy rash. An easy way of administering fish oil or flax seed oil capsules is to freeze them. Dogs rarely turn down a frozen fish oil capsule which removes the hassle of trying to pill the dog. Fish oil reduces inflammation. Omega three oils are used as a remedy for itchy dog problems by holistic practitioners as well as veterinarians. It is an effective and safe natural treatment. Dogs with allergies often have a defective skin barrier. Allergens can cross the skin triggering an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction shows up as a red, angry rash that is very itchy. Omega three oils help reduce this inflammation. Reduced inflammation equals reduced itch. The components of fish oil that reduces inflammation are called EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid and DHA or decosahexaenoic acid. EPA and DHA are omega three fatty acids which reduce inflammation. Understanding how natural treatments actually work is critical for selecting a home remedy for itchy dog skin problems. There are some really great natural products, therapies and home remedies that actually help itchy dogs stop scratching. It is important you learn what actually works and the correct dose rates to use for great results using natural therapy. You can use a home remedy for itchy dog skin problems. You can save money on vet fees by using natural treatment on your itchy dog http://www.itchydogvet.com Home remedies

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