Homemade Christmas Cards

Posted 4 years ago

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The choice of Christmas cards available in the stores gets better year after year, but homemade Christmas cards are incredibly satisfying and are much more fun. Homemade Christmas cards are guaranteed to impress both your family and friends. To be effective, homemade cards don't need to be complicated and, if you have children, this is exactly the type of Christmas activity they would love. In addition, you will be able to make use of those craps of fabric that seem to accumulate in your household for no particular reason. For the youngest kids, stencils and potato prints would be perfect. A simple Christmas tree or a holly leaf can be easily put together with glue and sprinkling of glitter. Most children would already have had some experience with craftwork at the daycare center, and would totally enjoy the mess that goes with painting and sticking. More advanced collages will keep older children occupied for hours. Use seasonally shaped cookie cutters as templates for trees, stars, and angels. You can then decorate these forms with whatever material you have at hand. Snowmen could be built from cotton balls, shredded paper towels, or tissue paper. If you want to make graphic Christmas trees use triangles of green crepe paper, which you can then decorate with tiny little baubles and tinsel, made from shiny candy wrappers or rolled-up kitchen foil. A variety of Christmas shapes, such as stockings and crowns, could be cut from scraps of fabric and even decorative oriental origami paper and glued onto brightly colored card stock or posterboard. Handmade Christmas cards with particular friends in mind allow you to include jokes and references that they would really appreciate. A good starting point would be an old pile of photographs that never made the album and that you won't miss. Look for an unusual positions or surprised looks and turn those images into Kings following the star, singing angels, or shepherds gaping in awe at the nativity scene. For the characters' costumes, use old wrapping paper or fabric, and the star could be crafted with glitter, silver foil, or gold pen.
To create 3-D homemade Christmas cards [http://www.christmasgiftsforall.net/christmas-cards/] of an enchanting miniature wonderland, take a sheet of strong white card stock and score lines so that you can fold it into three. Back the middle panel with a piece of bright dark red or green paper, and using a craft knife cut away an Alpine scene of tiny log cabins, fir trees, and snowy peaks, so that they stand out against the bold back color. Children really enjoy printing and glueing, and making simple Christmas cards [http://www.christmasgiftsforall.net/homemade-christmas-gifts/] is an excellent way to let them have a go at both activities.

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