How To Clean Your Toaster Oven

Posted 4 years ago

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Kitchen appliances, just like any other appliances need to be cleaned regularly. Doing this will help prevent the bacteria and germs from keeping refuge in your kitchen appliances, causing health problems to you and your family. Apart from health reasons, maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen appliances will help in the longevity of your appliances. Hence, in a way you are saving yourself a lot of money through keeping your kitchen appliances clean. When it comes to the appliances used in the kitchen, probably the most utilized is the toaster oven. With the fast-paced life of the people nowadays, easy and quick cooking, toaster ovens are godsend. The very first thing that you should take into consideration when cleaning a toaster oven is the type of oven you own. Basically, there are two types of toaster oven. These are conventional toaster oven and convection toaster oven. Each of these ovens involves different type of cleaning processes. Cleaning the Conventional Toaster Oven 1. Turn the knob off then unplug the toaster oven. Allow the oven to cool down completely before you attempt to clean it. 2. Take out the crumb tray. Remove the crumbs and then scrub them with dish soap, warm water and a nonabrasive sponge. 3. Wipe the outside part of the toaster oven. Use a cloth and a sanitizing spray. 4. Clean the interior of the toaster oven with warm, soapy water and a sponge. It is necessary that you use warm water as it helps dissolve the grease. 5. Scrub stains and hard-to-remove food buildup with a synthetic scouring pad. However, if you will clean it after each use, you should be able to avoid the buildup. 6. Remove the shelving and clean it with a warm water and soap. Let it dry thoroughly before putting it back in the toaster oven. Cleaning the Convection Toaster Oven 1. Cut several pieces of lemons into wedges and place them into an oven-proof container. Pour enough water into the container to cover the lemons. Place the container into the convection toaster oven and set its temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Wait for 30 minutes before turning off the heat. Leave the container inside the oven until it cools down competely. The acid in the lemon juice is responsible for loosening any spills from baking and making the removal of the greasy residue easy. 2. Once the toaster oven is completely cooled down, take out the container with the lemons. Remove the racks and set them aside. Clean the interior of the toaster oven with a damp cloth or sponge, wiping out the grease and softening the hard-to-remove food buildup. 3. Pour ¼ cup of baking soda into a small container and add water, which is enough to produce a thick paste. Then put the paste to the areas where hard-to-remove food stains or debris remains. Allow the baking soda to sit for 30 minutes and then gently scrub the stains with a used toothbrush. Wash any leftovers from the inside of the oven by cleaning it with a clean, wet cloth. 4. Clean the racks with warm, soapy water. Remove any hard-to-remove food spills with a synthetic scouring pad. Let the racks to air dry and return them to the oven afterwards. There it is. See! Cleaning your toaster is easy! Therefore, if you want to save few extra dollars from your kitchen appliances, clean them regularly. Want to find out more about toaster oven reviews , then visit and learn more about choosing the best toaster oven for your needs.

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