How to Fix Squeaky Flooring Underneath Carpet

Posted 4 years ago

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It is not easy to fix squeaky flooring underneath carpet but with the right instructions, the task can be easier. Fixing squeaky floors can be daunting but you have to know that it would be harder for you to pull the carpeting up, make the repair, relay the carpet, and move everything back to its original position. For this reason, plenty of people repair the squeaky floor without moving the carpet. If you live in a home that is old, most likely you have a floor that squeaks. With this guide, you can find an easy way to eliminate the squeak in the floor. Step One: You will need to gather a hammer, tape, drill, and carpet repair kit. The carpet repair kit is going to come with screws, depth control tool that will be used to determine how far down you need to go. The screws that come with the kit are going to break off so that they will break off under the carpet. Step Two: Have someone walk across the floor until you hear the squeak. You can do this by yourself but it's a hassle and much easier to have someone do it for you and this way they can stand right where the squeak is. Step Three: Mark the whole area where the squeak is at with tape. You want to mark more than just the one spot where the squeak is because typically there is more than just that one squeak in a small area. Step Four: You will need to locate the joist for this step. You are going to need a hammer for this step. Pound on the floor until you hear the location of the joist. You will hear a dull thud when you have found the joist. Step Five: When repairing squeaky flooring, the carpet is going to be drilled through where you believe the joist is located at. If you place the drill where you believe the joist is and it starts to hold back, you've found the joist. If it goes straight through, you need to try again. You need to make sure that you secure the whole area. To do this, your floor joists are typically found 16" from one another. Step Six: Place the alignment tool over the squeaking floor. Drill a screw through the device until it stops. The screw that you just drilled will stick above the carpet height. You will remove the device and then use the slot of the device to remove the head of the screw. You then will repeat the process for every 12 inches on all sides of the squeaky floor.
If you have carpet over your squeak, you're in luck. It's not as hard to fix a squeaking floor underneath carpet, just be sure to refer to the procedures above.

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