How To Get Rid Of Skin Moles Using Very Simple Methods

Posted 4 years ago

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When you think about how to get rid of the skin moles, you will end up with the thought that there are only surgical procedures. You might have a feeling that the home remedies for skin mole removal will not work. But you can use the banana peel to remove moles. Baking soda and walnut can also be used. Banana, which is ripe, can be used. Banana peelings can be put on top of the mole. Then medical tape can be used to secure the peelings on the mole. When you find time to stay in the house for the whole day, you can try this method. Skin moles need not be present only on the face. There are several areas where you can find them on the body and most of the home remedies will help out in removing all these varities. For instance, when you wish to take bath, you can remove the peelings and then place it again in the same area. This can be done on a daily basis. When you are going outside, you can again remove it and then place the peelings once you return home. This procedure can be repeated for several months. Once you try this for 2 months, you will see a superb effect. Some people also use the extract from fruits or seeds like grapefruit to remove the moles on the face or in other regions of the skin. Some people might be fond of eating walnuts. If you belong to that category, then you can try the following method to remove skin moles. It is quite simple to buy the unripe walnuts. If you are ready to try out the home remedies with simple nuts, then this is the most effective method. After buying the walnuts, you can wash them properly and remove the outermost layer. After removing the covering, the juice that is released can be used to remove moles. Some people might worry that the juice from the nuts can be causing irritation to the skin. But this is not completely true. When you rub the extracted juice on the moles of your skin, there can be slight irritation. But this need not stop you from continuing the treatment. When the skin irritation increases to a great extent, then you need to meet the doctor. Baking soda cannot be used separately. It has to be used along with castor oil. You can mix the baking soda and castor oil in equal amounts. Then it can be applied on the skin moles evenly. The paste has to be made in such a way that a thick sticky mixture is formed. Then gauze can be used. Gauze is soaked in this sticky mixture. After it becomes wet, then it can be covered on the mole. It can even be left overnight. In this way, the treatment will be so effective. When you have the doubt on how to get rid of the skin moles, you can surely try out the natural methods. Potato peelings can also be used like the banana peels. This will also serve the same purpose. In order to find out a lot more about how to remove a mole at home. Take a look at

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