How To Prevent a Recurring Yeast Infection

Posted 4 years ago

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Causes of yeast infection: Infections occurring in the body are very common and everyone should take necessary preventive measures against these. Yeast infection is a very common problem occurring in many people, especially women. Candida albicans is the fungi that mainly cause this infection. The common reasons for this problem include unprotected sex and wearing tight underwear or pants. Make sure that the mentioned clothes are not made of synthetic fiber. Clothes made of natural fibers such as bamboo or cotton are ideal and free from any infection. You have to know how to prevent a recurring yeast infection through natural methods. Things to be avoided to prevent infection: The vagina is the part of the body most often affected by this type of infection. As a preventive measure, you may need to change your food habits. It would also be good if you avoid using toilet paper, scented napkins, douches, etc. These products may possibly affect the pH balance level maintained in the vaginal area. You require some good bacteria in your body to balance the level of yeast content. Infection will be caused when these bacteria are killed. The infected area should be taken care of and proper hygiene should be maintained. You are advised to change clothes immediately when you feel damp or moist in that area. Essential food for fighting: Since yoghurt is the main enemy of yeast, doctors will advise you to start eating this on a regular basis. You have to take it at least once a day and this will chase away the yeast in your body. Make sure you add vinegar products and garlic foods in your diet, because these items are considered to be promising remedies against this infection. If you are very fond of eating sugary items, you should bring down the level of intake after you become aware of the problem. If you want immediate relief, a cloth soaked in vinegar can be swabbed in the vaginal area, which will reduce itchiness and help in healing. The immune system of your body can be improved by eating more fruits, vegetables, and many other nutritional supplements. Lack of vitamins, minerals, iron and other supplementary elements may also be one of the causes for this infection. If you have enough immune power, you can easily prevent periodic infection. Foods containing anti-fungal properties are also very helpful for people to fight against these fungi. Maintain cleanliness in your body parts: It is not advised to clean deep inside the vagina, especially using perfumed soaps, deodorants etc. The chemicals present in these products will remove the natural elements of the body, used to identify the fungus. Drinking enough water is considered a great remedy to maintain the pH of body liquids. With this habit, you can easily remove all toxins and cool down your body. Regular intake of food should not be skipped because if the stomach is empty for a long period, you are in danger from this infection. ---------------------------------------------------- Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women's Center in March 1996 to provide a full range of health care for women.

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